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Beth sighed tiredly and surveyed the mountain of food on the table before her.  Stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy,  and a basket of rolls surrounded the large ham and turkey at the center of the table.  From the kitchen wafted the smell of two pies:  one of apple and another of pumpkin, stowed away in the oven to stay warm until they were ready to be devoured.  A traditional Thanksgiving Day feast.
But not quite.  Despite tradition, Beth was on her own for today.  It was her first Thanksgiving away from home and all her friends had left to celebrate with their respective families.  Even though she was by herself, nostalgia or some kind of homesick feeling compelled her to make a meal exactly like the feasts she shared with her family.
Beth was already exhausted, having worked since three in the morning on this mammoth meal.  As if that wasn’t enough to tire her out, lifted the giant 30 pound t
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The researcher and explorer, Kiri Thorne, was delving deep into the jungle, looking to find new species of plants and possibly animals. With her, was her shy assistant, Dahlia. Exploring a part of the endless jungle that had never been touched before came as exciting for the adventurer, but not for her pack mule assistant. “Hey, Miss Thorne? I think we should take a break…Miss Thorne? The young woman, only 19 years old, could barely hear her as she scaled a tree nearby, startling a toucan. “Take a break? Come on, we’re almost to the new area!” Kiri suddenly landed back on her feet in front of Dahlia, scaring her. It was a bit of an overstatement to say Kiri had an Amazon build, but she did. She was 6’5” with a trim slightly muscular body, with voluptuous features such as large, proportionate breasts and shapely hips. Dahlia, as you could’ve guessed, was m
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Centauress comes to town

Debra slept deep through most of the night. She did have one dream shortly before she woke of Betty, so fat she could barely waddle. coming in and actually looking at her and wondering how the centauress would taste. She woke, not in fear, but actually wondering about if she might think of becoming a meat mare.

She gets her computer up and calls up the first report she's to do before she has her lift bring her the container marked for breakfast. She tries to just snack on the delicious asian noodles until Betty arrives.

Betty comes in and gets two containers before joining the working centauress. "So anything new?" She digs into some pasta and meatsauce, though Debra did see some powered sugar on her lips.

She pauses her work to tell about the food from the resturants and then Ben's surprising 'reaction'.

Betty's eyes go wide at that. "I never saw that happen, but I was usually enjoying the foods, a good full belly," she pats her bulging belly and smiles." It's a good thing you have Joe. I guess it means you have Ben caring for your stomach and Joe caring for the rest of you." She grins as she moves so her fat pushes againts the fat centauress, then turns on the TV so she can eat and relax while Debra eats.

Joe comes in about noon and quietly talks with Betty while Debra finishes the report she's on. Joe admits he did feel a bit uneasy about what Betty wants to do, but thought it over and actually helps stuff Betty because it's helping feed Debra in a way. He massages the 'meat mare's' fattening body, telling Betty how soft and tender she is.

Debra smiles as she looks at Betty, actually licking her lips as she imagines how delicious the woman must be getting. She looks at Joe. "With what happened last night, do you just move in and we don't worry about Ben finding you?"

Joe smiles as she lets him feed her the last of her noodles, making sure she gets every drop of the sauce." I think I can just stay in the bedroom when he's here. If he's getting off with stuffing you, he should accept my enjoying the results."

Both females laugh, their fat rolling and billows. Joe grins and snuggles in between them. Betty chats of what else he can do and brings up the idea of making a web site about centaurs. to try to put more truth out about them.

Debra calls her herd leader and he promises to talk with others about the idea and that it does sound good. He doesn't ask how she's doing which makes her wonder if he knows.

At one, Debra puts her headset back on and gets back to work while Betty snacks and gives suggestions for what Joe can do to make the home more comfortable. He jokes that soon he'll be able to sleep on Debra.

Betty struggles to her feet as Debra finishes up her last report. She pats her bulging belly and Joe thinks the blouse is even snugger. "Getting closer to the magic 600 and then moving into your tummy." She moves so Debra can see and models her increasing weight. "So what do you think?" Before Debra can answer, Betty's fingers are playing with her lips and the hungry centauress starts gulping down the fat arm, sucking it down until her plump lips are playing with the fat shoulder. Betty mmrr, "Oh yes dear. some time next week I'll be so fat and prime meat, then you can swallow me down and I'll be massaging and encouraging you from inside your tummy." She plays like this until Joe insists she better leave before Ben arrives.

Smiling, Betty slowly pulls her arm out, and waddles out to her car. As she leaves, Joe cleans up the remains of containers she had consumed so it looks like Debra ate everything. When he hears Ben driving up, he disappears into the bedroom.


That morning, Ben had stoped at the butcher and got two packages, then went to each of his resturants, leaving a drum and one of the packages. Inside of each is five pounds of fat. He told them to cut it into chunks and mix it in with their food for Debra. Once at the TV sudio, he got into gear and worked like he always had, checking out what he planned, preparing some so all will be ready. Doing several hours of cooking in a half hour show that's skill and he's become an expert on it.

After the show, he picks up the two drums and heads for home. He goes inside to get the lift and change into his barbecue outfit. He thinks of last night, almost unable to believe what her gulping down the foods did to him. "I probably should admit it to her." But he shoves that thought aside as he pushes the lift in and sees that all of the containers are empty.

Debra had been watching TV and silences it as he knocks. "So how was the show?" She fakes a groan as she struggles to her hooves. "Uurrff have to get used to all of this before I put on much more." She smiles as she sees the twin drums. "Well, try to as you dump more of that into this garbage mare." She licks her plump lips as Ben gets the lift in place and raises the first drum.

Ben is already breathing quickly as he's incredibly excited. As the first drum starts to pour into her open mouth, he has to concentrate to keep from climaxing right there. He watches it all pour into her, catching glimpses of those chunks of fat and deciding to increase it another five pounds tomorrow.

Debra gulps nosily, knowing this is exciting him more than she ever thought possible. When she looked into the drum, it looked a little bit fuller. As she gulps and gulps she tastes and feels the chunks of fat. Her stomach seems to cheer because fat this way, it will completely digest so she will gain it all.

Ben pours the first drum into her and then gets the second into the lift. "Mmmm you're such a wonderful garbage mare. Now just take in the rest." He tips the next drum and watches it pour in. he knows that he can add in another five pounds of fat tomorrow. The way she's gulping all of this down, she'll never realize it.

Debra licks her lips, wanting to please him and wondering if she can get him to come today. She affectionately rubs her human tummy as she gulps and gulps, hearing him starting to gasp, and then a slow moan that tells her she did it. She gulps down the rest, knowing that there was some extra fat in here too. "Mmm they throw away such delicious garbage from your resturants." She smiles as the lift takes the drum down.

Ben doesn't try to hide his damp ampron. If you know, that's fine with him. He's finally discovered what he needs and knows that you need his foods as much as he needs you.  "And you make such lovely use of it my dear." He carresses her fattening human belly, forgetting that she's a taur and then moves to her more massive taur belly. "Mmm imagine the results of what I leave for you to eat during the day, and then all of this, maybe more, day after day after day." He can feel himself growing hard again, but knows that she needs her sleep to digest.

Debra isn't really that tired yet, but she yawns, playing the roll that he loves. "mmm that barbeque sure got me started. Just a garbage mare now, then a meat-mare until I'm the fattest mare ever." She yawns again.

Ben gives her a hug. "You get your sleep and I'll have plenty of food ready for you tomorrow." He takes the lift and drums back to his home.

Debra smiles, licking her lips. "I wonder what he's planning?"

Joe comes out and hugs her immense taur belly, massaging her softness and wondering if he's feeling her full stomach. "Well I hope I can help you enjoy all you're putting on dear." He snuggles in close.

Debra smiles, relaxing into his snuggles. "You're  doing wonderful like this, but I know what you mean." She smiles as he carresses and moves more around her. "I need to call a centaur I know. He'll be able to help me swallow Betty and I think help you out too." She can feel how excited he is and knows that he'd be willing to try but is such a good man he wants to make sure that she's happy too.

Joe smiles and snuggles as she tells him what happened with Ben and the extra fat. He warns her, "You better mention that or he'll just keep adding more and more..."

She smiles and kisses him deeply as he comes around in front of her. "And I'll be getting fatter and fatter. More mare for us to enjoy. As long as I can keep him happy this way, we can do all we want to." She hugs him as close as she can, knowing she is getting tired. "Eating and digesting so much means I need more beauty sleep dear."
Joe kisses her passionately." I'll be back after he leaves in the morning." He kisses her again and makes sure she's comfortable before he leaves.

Smiling as she imagines Joe being big enough and Betty getting fatter and more delicious, she drifts to sleep.

Ben quietly loads Debra's refrigerator with containers for her to eat from. All of them are set for her lift to handle. Then he leaves to get the drums back to the resturants. He wonders if she'll notice five more pounds of fat in each drum tonight and hopes he can keep her from discovering it. His studio works smoothly through the day, keeping his mind on the show.

Debra had been awake when he came in but kept her eyes closed. She almost expected him to carress her taur belly. When he left, she knew that his love was watching her gorge. So as long as Joe loves her fattening more and more. She almost nodded off, but got up after she heard him drive off. "I guess breakfast, then call Jason and see if he can do what I've heard he can."

She gets in her work position and has her lift bring breakfast to her. She uses her computer to make the call and tells Jason what is happening.

Jason actaully laughs. "I was told about Betty and was wondering how to give her what she wants. We were worried if we waited too long she might tell others about meat-mares. I can be there about lunch time. Just tell them I'm a relative."

Debra smiles in relief. "See you then." After she hangs up, she gets to work on the first report of the day. Her fear had always been that all she'll be is a stomach to take care of wastes. Now she can be that and work on reports. Happily she talks the computer through the first report before Betty arrives.

Betty waddles in and grabs some containers from the frig before joining Debra. "So reports going well?" Even though there's evidence of breakfast on her lips, she starts eating.

Debra tells her of her cousin coming to visit and that he can help when Betty is ready to move into her stomach.

The fat woman pauses eating and hugs the obese centauress, squeezing their fat and making it ripple, then she's back eating a bit faster. "Oh I do hope you'll be able to swallow me and keep me safe inside for a while.

Debra leans gently so their fat jiggles. "I'm sure of that." Then she gets back to her work while Bettly eats and watches a movie.

About noon, Joe calls in and says he's getting some things done so he can move out of where he is. Debra is so surprised and pleased that she does little of the talking except to agree. He does promise to be there tomorrow before hanging up.

Betty smiles and hugs the fat centauress. "Mmm seems he's fine with me helping you gain around 600 pounds of delicious fat." She playfully moves a fat hand near Debra's mouth.

The centauress resists so she can finish this report that is almost done, then closes and send the report. "Mmm you keep doing this and you may not reach 600." She licks, then sucks in the plump fingers, hand, wrist, fore and fat upper arm in one slow gulp. Her fat lips play with the meaty shoulder but know she better not try.

Betty groans quietly in pleasures. "Mmm I'm eating more and more, stretching my stomach. Here I eat what Ben prepared for you, but I load up at the bakery on my way home, they have a special on pasteries that they need to sell that day and they all end up in here." She pats her fattening tummy and smiles as the ripples actually move some of the centauress' fatness.

Debra mmrrsss around the fat arm as she feels her flesh jiggling. She closes her eyes, imagining the arm fatter and tastier. She knows she'll need help and hopes her friend Jason will have answers. Reluctantly she releases the arm so she can have her lunch.

After she eats and is about to start on the next report, there's a knock at the door. "Come on in," she calls out so Betty can remain against her.

A centaur comes in. looking half hippy, half gypsy with his vest, jewlery and cape. He smiles the the centauress. "My my my Debra. you sure did take a lot of that barbeque home with you." Then he smiles to the woman. "And Betty, looks like you're well on your way to becoming a meat mare." He smoothly walks around them, stroking fur and skin covered fat. , then he looks around. "But where is the man stallion you told me of?"

Debra is open mouth in shocked as her friend seems to know Betty. She sputters, "He said he'll be here later. Um, you  know, Oh course" She smiles "You were the one that told Betty about meatmares."

Jason smiles and moves so his cape almost seems to float around him. "Oh course it was me my dear fat friend, but I think her plan of five, even six hundred won't come near to filling that tummy of yours." He takes Betty's plump hand and guides her outside.

Debra knows how Jason works and a short chat could be hours, so she gets on her next report. She does hear a few gasps from Betty and then quiet talk that she can't hear clearly.

She concentrates on the report, almost afraid of what Jason may be trying to convince Betty to do. She does snack on the food near her and has her lift bring the next container out without realizing it.

Finally Jason and Betty come back in. He's smiling like he's about to brurst with a secret. "I need to take Betty off for a few days. He smiles as she's waddling toward the door. "So you better get eating the foods Ben fixed up for you so he won't suspect." He pats her bulging taur belly and smiles. "I did tell you if you ever got a lot of food." He laughs and half prances out the door, It quietly closing behind him.

Debra wonders what he's planning. She hopes that Betty will tell him about Joe. She shakes her head to clear her thoughts and tries to loose herself in working on reports. Without thinking, she has her lift bring containers over as soon as she finishes one. Somewhere into her third report, she's jarred into alertness as the lift beeps an alarm. For a moment she thinks it's broken, then realizes there are no more containers. She pats her bulging taur belly. "Well in an hour or so, Ben will be bringing the scraps from the resturants." She closes her eyes for a moment, then works on completing the report.

Ben is smiling as he checks out the resturants. No one asks about the twenty pounds of fat when brought to be mixed in their scraps. Word had already spread within the knowing few about the fat centauress and the women hoped that now it would be her girth he'd be expanding insead of their waists.

Ben tries to take his time when he gets home. But as soon as he has his apron on, he's bringing the twin containers to her back door. "So how goes the day?" He did knock, but is bringing them in before she could answer.

She already has her computer system out of the way and restrains herself from licking her lips as she smells the food. "Had a good day. Getting better using the voice control to do the reports." She pats her round taur belly. "Thanks for the foods. So is that all for me?" She giggles as she remembers his fantasty. "You need this garbage mare to get rid of it all."

Ben smiles, he had been growing excited just watching and listening to her. but now he can't wait. "All of it dear. Delicious and it'll do wonders for your girth." He already has the first in the lift and raises it up. "Now open wide and take care of this."

"Garbage to make this mare more beautiful." She opens wide, hoping he's not trying to add more fat than yesterday, but she knows once she starts gulping, she won't be able to stop.

Ben gets the container to start tipping, watching the assorted foods, left overs and chunks of fat tumbling into her open mouth. He squeezes himself into her fatness and she can feel his shaft throbbing as she gulps and gulps. She knows there's even more fat than last night but only pauses a moment after the first is emptied into her gullet. "Mmmm your foods are so good even the garbage tastes scrumptous. She gulps the contents of the next one as he squeezes himself into her softness, then suddenly freezes as she can feel his shaft pulse in a climax. As she swallows down the last of it. She realizes that Joe was right about Ben loving to feed and fatten, but nothing beyond that.

Ben gasps and smiles as he moves the containers away. There's a sign of dampness that even his apron can't hide. "Now you get some rest my dear. Sleep will help you digest it all so you'll have room for more tomorrow." He smiles before closing the door he says. "And I have a surprise to share with you then."

Debra is lost in her glutton estacy and forgets to be upset that there is much more fat than last night. she thinks to herself, 'I bet he's learned that my stomach is likely to turn every pound of fat it gets into meat mare fat.' But the food is delicious and she smiles as she relaxes against her couch and cushions and drifts into a deep sleep.

Ben can barely believe it that he actually climaxed again. He cleans up himself and the pots before preparing her foods for tomorrow. Though he's tempted to make more, he knows that tomorrow night there'll be twenty more pounds of fat in his garbage mare. He's tempted to make more for her meal packages, but feels she would quickly notice the change, so he makes the same. Then he gets some much needed sleep.

In the morning, he loads the cart then quietly moves it all to Debra's kitchen. He updates the lift's program to know what is there. Though he does look at the sleeping centauress, he resist his desire to carress her fattening body. He rolls the cart home and then drives off.

Debra did wake as he came in, but kept her eyes closed. She had dreamed of him stuffing her with more and more fat until she was traped in her home, but Joe was there to help her feel much better.

She starts up her computer and has breakfast while watching the morning news, reading her mail and deciding which report to get on first. She's not half way through it when there's a knock on her door. "Come on in," She calls as she remotely unlocks the front door. She smiles as Joe comes in. She tells him about Jason and that he already knew Betty. "He said he will be here later today to see you."

Joe nods as he begins carressing, then gets a brush to smooth out her fur. She gets back to work while he does this and then feels him just snuggling against her fattening bodies while he finds something on the TV to quietly watch.

He insists on feeding her, instead of the lift and she's taking a break for a hefty lunch when Jason arrives.

Jason just smiles and promises Betty is happy when asked about her. He chats about other things while they all have lunch, then he takes Joe into the kitchen to talk with him.

Debra forces herself to concentrate on the report and gets through it while the two are still busy. The lift brings her the next container on it's list and she gulps it down, then returns to her work.

Jason and Joe both know what the issue is but Jason insists the human understands that once the changes are done to him, there's no going back.

Joe nods. "I'n never found the right woman and the more she's eaten and grown, the more I want to be able to mate with her. I know we can't have young."

Jason nods. His carefree attitude seems to remove the seriousness of the situation. He explains what all is involved in the ceremony and they can do it this very afternoon."

When Joe agrees, the centaur quickly sets up and begins.

Debra finishes her next report and closes her files for the day. She had heard fragments of what Jason was saying and relaxes, almost dozing as she watches one of the weather channel shows.

The lift beeps and then goes to get her supper containers. It doesn't seem to disturb the two working in there and she let's it dump the foods into her maw, then relaxes as her stomach churns and gurggles.

Less than an hour before she expects Ben to get home, they both come out of the kitchen.

Jason smiles like always. "I better get back to Betty, she sure is a true meatmare." He gives a wave before he leaves.

Joe hugs himself agaonst her fatness. moving so he can nuzzle and playfully suck on one of her immense breasts. "He says it will take a couple of weeks before I'm up to size for you."

Debra moves so she can give him a loving kiss. "Ben should be getting here soon. But I do want you to stay."

He kisses her deeply, before releasing her. "I took a cab to get here and have enough for a few days with me." His eyes dart as he hears a car driving up. "I'll hide in the bedroom." He gives a quick kiss and then hides.

Ben takes a few minutes to get the twin, hundred pound containers on the lift so he can roll them into Debra's house. "Supper delivery," He calls out as he rolls it in.

Debra wonders how much more fat are in those, She knows she should worry, but her stomach seems to be develpoing a mind of it's own as it tells her MORE. "So going to tell me the surprise you promised?"

Ben gets the one off and the lift ready to dump the other into her. "How bout my garbage mare take care of the first load?" He's smiling, his apron barely concealing how excited he is.

Debra smiles, taking the role she knows he loves. "Stomach is all ready to take it all and make me fatter." She actually smiles because Joe is loving her growth and it's actually making her more comfortable.

Ben starts tipping it into her wide open mouth. He pushes himself against her fatness, imagining where this might end up as he watches her gulp and gulp. He can't feel it, being in front of her, but her fat human body has him hard and he partly thrusts into her worm softness. He wants to hold off until the second one and barely manages to empty this one into her.

Debra can taste the chuncks of fat, She knows it's more than yesterday and her stomach seems to tell her that this will sink deep into it's lower curve where the acids will do their work faster. She licks her lips and pats what she can of her obese human body, making her fat billow. "So what's the surprise?"

He smiles as he switches containers. "I know you've been tasting the extra fat. The packing plant is giving me a deal to take care of it."

She gives him a quizzical look. "That's the surprise?" She looks at the other container, thinking he might really be using her too much.

Ben stops, realizing that she may be upset. He pats her fatness, her flesh jiggling. "The barbeque last weekend was supposed to be a goodbye celebration. I've been having a farmhouse and small barn converted into a country resturant. But the state won't give me a alcohol license." He smiles as she looks a bit confused. "It's all set up. I was planning to move there this weekend. The barn has been set up as an open room resturant. Only a small portion is the kitchen. I have a contractor that has laid foundations so they can move my smoke house." He hugs her close. "So you can have the whole barn to live in."

She grins and licks her plump lips "I hope you don't plan on me filling it up." She relaxes and opens her maw wide

Ben can't believe she's taking it so well and thinks that she is loving all this 'food' and he'll be filling the remaining room of the containers with fat. so maybe a hundred pounds of fat a day. "Here comes the rest dear." As soon as it starts pouring, he's squeezed against her fatness as she can feel him stiffen up before she has a fourth of it poured into her. He keeps pouring it in more and more. He's tight against her fatness and lowers the empty container down. He stays against her for several minutes and then backs off. "Mmm now you get that all digested dear. I'm not planning to stuff you like last weekend but there's lots of kitchen garbage and foods for you to fatten up on."

She smiles, speaking sweetly. "Mmm just remember to get my  computer hookup moved and then I'll have room to spread out while I take care of the garbage." Some how it's her stomach telling her this. As he secures the containers to the lift and rolls it out, She starts to realize that she had been told that some Clean Up Mares have this happen, where her stomach might actually be giving her orders, or at least powerful requests. But she chooses to keep this a secret.

Joe had been listening and comes out when he heard Ben go into his house. "So even more fat today?" He hugs her growing taur belly, actually feeling her stomach is fuller despite her increasing fat.

Debra smiles and mmrrsss in complete contentment. She knows that he's actually falling in love with her and her stomach seems very content. even though it hasn't finished digesting all of the foods Ben poured into her Sunday night, it's warm and happy. She tells him what plans Ben has and Joe nods. He actually did some of the work there and thinks, if Ben accepts him, then he can convert the beer storage area into a comfortable room for himself. She smiles and hugs him as well as she can when he gets in front of her. "So you think he's going to be getting more and more foods to see how fast I can become the fattest meat mare?"

He kisses her slowly and affectionately then uses both hands to massage her bloated fattening breasts. "I think what he's doing now will make him happy." He nuzzles her deep cleavage, "Of course there is Betty to remember."

She yawns, "Afraid all this food has me needing more sleep." She struggles to get comfortable against her couch and he manages to snuggle against her, fining a way to massage while she drifts to sleep.

Ben can't believe how things are working out. If he had got that licence, there'd be no where to move his future meat mare and she wouldn't be comfortable in her house after a couple more weeks of him stuffing her. He does start making plans for some kind of celebration once they get all moved in.

He loads up her fridge again and leaves for his resturants and TV work.

Joe had stayed with her most of the night, sleeping snuggled against her swollen taur belly. The churning and gurggling like a lulla bye. He woke before Ben came over and was waiting in the bedroom for him to finish and leave. "Sleep well my dear?"

Debra smiles and doesn't try to move for a moment, When she does, she can feel her increase in weight. "I don't know if I need to walk more so I can carry all I gain. Even with the clean Up Mare abilities to handle and incredible amount of weight. I think Ben has plans for me to be too fat to get my belly off the floor." She reaches out and he has to snuggle into her fat human tummy and between her ever filling breasts to hug her close. "Well while you think, let's have breakfast." He gets the first container and takes some for himself, then lets the lift take it because that's the easiest way for her to eat without help.

While they eat, Joe tries to tell her how he thinks Ben will feel about them and she hopes he's right. "All I seem to before him is a mouth and a very stretchy stomach. I never dreamed some one could get off just watching me eat." She smiles to Joe, "I better make sure that Jason is coming." She gets her headset on and calls him. They finish eating and she tries to work on a report while Joe massages her new fat, unable to feel how full her stomach must still be.

Jason arrives shortly and refuses to talk about Betty, except to guarentee that 'she'll be so so fat and delicious that Debra will just slurp her all down. He takes Joe into the bedroom while Debra resumes her work.

Without realizing it. She goes through most of the foods by the time they come out. Jason waves goodbye while Joe decides to order in some food for himself and more for the hungry tauress. "We better keep this a secret or who knows what all he'll be leaving for you to eat during the day."

She nods as she finishes a report and gets some news and weather on the TV. She smiles as Joe orders what sounds like a lot of food. "So tell me about this place of his. All he did was say it's a remodeled barn. No hint on size, comforts." She finishe off the container she had been eating from and realizes there's only one left, when there should be three or four.

Joe starts telling her how the barn looks normal from the outside. Even the sliding doors, wide enough for a large tractor. but when one gets close, you can tell the doors will seal tight to help keep the cold out in the winter and heat out in the summer. It's designed to have been able to have dancing and steel I-beams actually support the roof so there's no inner support posts.

Debra giggles, her fat jiggles, then she tries to be quiet as there's a knock at the door.

Joe answers and brings in a half dozen extra large pizzas. "I figure we can have a moving party."

Debra is now laughing. "I never thought of that. I just moved in last week. So much has happened." She pats what she can of her fattening form. "And so much delicious foods." She takes the first one from him and manages to some what roll it up so she can eat it faster.

Joe smiles as he has a single slice and isn't finished before she's rolling up the next one. He finishes his second slice then hugs and massages her growing taur belly. "Mmmmm you sure know how to put delicious food away."

Debra wants to pause, but the pizzas are still there. She rolls up the third, tips her head back and deep throats it, swallow it all, then the fourth and what remains of the fifth. "Mmmm delicious." She moves so her flesh rolls against him. "So how fat do you hope I can get?" She smiles, but there's a touch of concern because she knows that Ben is some how going to find a way to feed her even more.

Joe seems to sense her fear. He slowly moves from hugging her taur belly, around her fattening forshoulder, then human belly. He slowly stands, hugging and carressing until she leans down and he's able to kiss her slow and passionately for several minutes. Then he whispers "so fat that we'll remember this as you just being," he gives her a short kiss, "plump."

Debra loved the kiss, holding him close as well as her fatness allows. When he tells he what he thinks, she tries to squeeze him even more into her fat. wanting him surrounded by her wonderful breasts. "Oh Joe, you don't know what that means to me." She almost crying in pleasure. "I just can't resist what he brings to me. If he knew what I ate today, he'd be increasing my foods more and more. I almost fear this new place because there will be so much more room for me." She squeezes him close for another long kiss."

Joe continues the kiss, He hasn't told her about what Jason did, or that his maleness has already begun to grow. He was told it may take several weeks, but he will be the size of a stallion, and as she grows, he will always be able to satisfy her. "I'm afraid we better stop before Ben arrives. I'm going to go back to my apartment and load everything up. I'll be out there the first thing in the morning." He gives her another long kiss.

Debra doesn't want to let him go, but she knows it's best as she finally releases him. "So I'll see you tomorrow." She smiles as he slowly releases her, then he rushes outside.

She turns on the TV, trying to relax as she remembers all they just said and did. Her mind is playing it over and doesn't realize as Ben drives in. The sound of the door opening jerks her back to reality.

Ben rolls in the lift with the twin hundred pound containers. Now that she knows about the fat, he doesn't have to have the resturants mix it with their foods. he just has the butcher dump 50 pounds in the bottom of each before he takes them to the resturants. "Have a good day dear?" He smiles as he sees all but one of the food containers are empty. "Still digesting what's left of the barbeque feasting?" He pats her bulging taur belly, though she's fattened enough that he couldn't feel her stomach, even if he tried."

Debra smiles as he sees the one container still remaining. "All done, I wanted to make sure I had room for all of the delicious garbage you bring me." Somehow she easily slides into this roll. With Joe admitting he wants her even fatter, the idea of her stomach being a garbage disposal is some how enjoyable. Besides, her stomach is gurgling as it knows there's one hundred pounds of fat, along with other foods, in those containers.

Ben already has one ready and start the lift. "Well it's time for your wonderful stomach to take care of another two hundred pounds and I expect to see you at lease another hundred pounds fatter tomorrow night."

Debra giggles, "Oh at least," is all she has time to say before the container starts to pour it's contents in. The first is food from one of his resturants. Even with all she was stuffed with over the weekend, it's delicious and she gulps it all down. Then comes the fifty pounds of fat. She may not find it as delicious, but it is tasty as her stomach gurgles it's happiness as the fat pours in.

Ben is against her all of the time, moving and hugging. Mostly her expanding taur belly but also her fore body and equine breast, feeling how fat she's getting. Before she can finish the first container, she feels him push hard into her and climaxes. But without loosing a moment, as soon as that container is empty, he's switching them. "Oh yes my dear Debra yes. Now be a wonderful garbage mare and load your gut with all of this, and tomorrow. "He kisses her plump cheek as the food pours in, "We're going to move to our new home where you can eat and fatten into the fattest and loveliest of meat mares ever." Some how he's erect again, but moving slower as she gulps and gulps.

Finally she swallows down the last of the food and fat. She pats what she can reach of her taur belly. "If I wake tonight, I'll finish off the last of the food you had prepared for me."

Ben hugs and squeezes her warm fattness. He whispers to her. "I never dreamed I could find some one that loves to eat like you do my dear." He holds her a moment more, then rolls the containers back to his van.

Debra smiles and licks her lips, with the addition of those pizzas, all she wants to do is sleep. She takes the few heavy steps to her sleeping pads and lies down carefully because of her heavily ladden stomach. So stuffed she's asleep while he's preparing tomorrows meals.

Ben is preparing her meals, always wanting to make more, but since she realized the increase in fat... he smiles as he knows she must be gaining that hundred pounds every day, along with some from all of the other foods he feeds her. As he boxes everything up for tomorrow, he wonders if Joe is feeding her anything.

Debra wakes to the sound of workers outside. The sun is barely over the hurizan as she struggles to her hooves and waddles to where she can look outside.

Already workers are disassembling the barbecue equipment while others are movers, moving furniture and boxes from Ben's home. Ben is outside watching the workers and waves when he sees her. he carries over a tote and she can smell breakfast. "Might have to go a few hours before lunch dear." He puts it on her lift so she can eat but only strokes her fattening taur body. "I have to make sure they take everything down so it can be reassebled. there's a low bed truck in front when you're ready. Then the movers will get you things." He doesn't ask about Joe but she figures that he already knows.

By the time he leaves, she's already gulping down the delicious breakfast. "Mmm he just makes everything so delicious." She finishes it, looks around the room and then heavily waddles outside. Both sides of her bloated taur belly brush the door frame but not enough to give her any trouble. She waddles into the truck and lies down. Movers quickly close the door and the truck starts off. Of course there's no windows so she listens to the sounds of urban traffic.


Ben smiles, knowing that there's no reason to conceal his desires, It's just that he's had to for so long. He squeezes rolls of fat passionately. "Oh Debra, I only dreamed of findin a woman like you, I never dreamed of a mare and you have so much more room to fill out." He struggles as she eats and eats, then has to ask. "So, you might get as fat as a meatmare?"

She smiles and takes her free arm to pull him chose, shifting her fore legs so her fat equine breast moves against his throbing shaft. "So getting a lot of brisket. Am I fattening as well everywhere else." She resumes loading the foods into her stomach. she knows that he's giving her more than 100 pounds a day and keeps eating.

Ben moves around her slowly, massaging, kneading and poking here and there. "Well, you are filling out nicely, but you're going to have to keep packing it on if you want to be a true meatmare."

Debra smiles as she starts on the next tray. "Your foods keep my appetite going. I wouldn't have eaten even a third of what I have if it wasn't for your skill in foods." She gulps down more as you hug her round, wide rump "Enough rump roast?"

Ben smiles, though he wants to give in to his desires, he fears his lack of size compared to her and continues to massage and knead. making comments about her as meat, since she seems to be enjoying that image. "Mmm so how big of a meatmare do you think you can become?"

She tips an almost empty tray to her mouth and slurps it all in. "Mmm uurrrpp well if we take time so I can really enjoy all of your foods. I can eat and eat and keep fattening more and more." She turns her head so she can see him as he carresses her swelling taur belly "Maybe as fat as you want."

Ben buries his head into her soft flesh, with his ear pushed in he can actually hear her stomach working. "You'll be record sized prime meat eventually. And then still have as much food as you want. "Anything of mine you really like?"

Debra starts on the next tray. she knows she's already consumed over a hundred pounds even with what Betty ate, but lets him think she doesn't know, she digs into the sance covered pulled pork. "Mmm well I wouldn't want it all of the time but you could tell when you fed me that asian noodle and meat dish, I couldnt stop until my belly was heavy with it."

He smiles as he continues to snuggle and carress. "I'll make sure you have some of that every day, maybe a little in each meal? He looks at you smiling as you continue to gorge, amazed how fast you're going through supper.

She finishes the foods he brought sooner than she planned and just relaxes as he kneads and massages all around her another time.

Ben smiles, "My goodness dear. you're becoming so rich and prime with meat and fat. I guess taking our time can make you the most luscious and heaviest of meatmares."

She struggles to her hooves and moves to where she now sleeps so she can relax. "With your delicious foods. I'm certain I will and you're helping me feel every pound of my new flesh and looking forward to more that we can both enjoy." She yawns, not wondering why she seems to sleep so much. "I guess I need my fattening sleep." She kisses him slowly and then relaxes against her cushions.

Ben carresses for a few minutes then makes sure everything in her fridge is all set for tomorrow. Once he gets home, he checks on variations of noodle dishes, making sure what will catch her appetite and weigh heavy in her belly. Several hours later, he smiles at what he has ready. as he slips to sleep, he knows with all she's eating, ten to twelve hours of sleep at night may be right and she diffinately isn't burning much of the calories she has consumed.


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Centauress comes to town

Ben gets quite the view and his shorts fill out quickly under his apron as he stares at all the bounce and jiggle coming his away. Not that the mare notices as her eyes are locked on the long tables loaded with food. Normal for huge company meeting, now they are set up with some room in the middle and each pilled high as they dip in the middle from the weight of food on them. Hunderds of pounds of pork, steak, roast rolls, piles of fatty slabs of pig, platters of mashed potato's driping with butter and and gravy. One long table all for mixing various drinks that smell wounderfull. The snacks seem to be smoked root veggies used for dipping in a bubbling vat of cheese and lard, though none know that except for Ben. "Morning, you're looking impressive"

She smiles, though she feels herself fatter, with her strengthened bones and muscles, not as much as she actually is. Her stomach and appetite have her drawn to the tables. "Looks like some one needs to save those tables before they collapse." She gets to where she had been yesterday. Settling her fat rump to the ground, making her fatness roll and billow. "Well let's see if my stomach can help some." She grabs a serving fork and starts eating.

Ben moves a mug of her thick sloshy drink near by as she gets started. She doesn't realize that this one is more that a gallon and a half. He travels along her sides inspecting her. Running his finger along curves and dips. He looks over how her hips are handling her new fat and smiles at how her flesh smushes outward.

Debra takes a drink to keep her throat wet enough to eat. But her dream and stomach seems to be in control as she shovels more and more of the thick slabs of bacon into her open maw, swallowing more than should be possible. "Mm all so delicious. I wonder how fat your staff is?" But she seems to keep eating with little pause.

Ben smiles as he contines to explore and massage her fattening body. "Oh my staff has some big girls. You met Betty yesterday but there is one even fatter than her. He gives her rump an affectionate smack, checking its reaction and how the fat is spreading under your pelt. He smiles as she moves onto another plate of smoked pig. Covered in butter and cheese.  His warm fingers explore all over her taur body and this helps keep her eating. "You know anything about MeatMares? I never found anything on the net except obvious legends and such."

She giggles as he smacks her, though she doesn't feel it as much through all of her padding back there. Then she partly pauses when you mention that. "Um MeatMare. That's something mothers use to scare children if they start putting on too much weight." She does know more but that is only something that taurs share with each other. "So how much are you hoping I can carry away by evening?" She is slowing a little, but still chowing down at a surprising rate.

"I think they would be rather impressive. There must be some truth to them." He leans over and strokes down her side. Feeling her big muscles flexing under her growing fat as her middle churns, filling suprisingly fast.

Debra mrrrss between gulps as you carress, not realizing what you're doing. "Well if you want me to leave anything, just don't put it in front of me. " Though she's eating constantly, slowly the table looks less like it might collapse, while her taur belly is filling out more and more. When she sat down, some of her belly rested on the ground, and slowly there's more, so she doesn't realy feel the increase in weight and her stomach seems to be ready for everything before her.

Ben wonders if the rumors about some mares ending up so much meat they lose their legs and arms into their mass are true.. With the way she's spreading out more and more, he can't help thinking of each of her obese breasts weighing more than she did when he met her.  He hasn't even turned any music on yet, just listening to her gut gurgling all morning.. he refills her huge mug and and turns on some light music as he gets a small version of the lift he used with heavy caldron. He gets it onto the table and shows her how to use it to get foods in front of her as she clears the platters within her reach.

Debra smiles, she thinks he set this up to make things easier for her. But her appetite and stomach see it as a way to get foods in her easier. She has it pick up the next platter, the same bowl as last night, loaded with those delicious asian noodles. She raises it to her mouth and opens wide, easing part of the platter into her mouth before tipping it. As the heavy noodles, beef and gallons of sauce start to flow like an avalanche, she worries she's tipped it too far, but before she can try to lower the lift, her mouth opens even wider, catching it all and funneling it down into her elastic gullet. Within a couple of minutes, all two hunderd pounds are warm in her stomach and being churned and digested.

Ben smiled as she uses the lift, then stared, completely mesmerized as it started to pour into her, faster than he though possible, but as he watches her taur belly expand for it all, he smiled and rushed to her. He''s massaging and kneading her growing belly before she swallows it all. "That's it my dear, eating like that will save that table." He thought she had been joking at first, but he seems to know it's her stomach that's really in charge today. "You really love those things, don't you?"

Debra smiles and strokes what she can of her taur belly. Somehow her stomach keeps her from realizing how much of her there is "Well it is delicious, goes down so smoothy and so nice and warm in me."

Ben hugs her. an ear pressed into her fatness, able to her her stomach happily churning and gurgling as it works on all she's eaten. "I'll have to make some more then." He squeezes into her warm softness, then has to quickly pull away as he hears a van drive up. "Must be the big group finally arriving." When he struggles to relax and make it look like he's simply maintaining what's cooking.

She has her lift bring her a platter of baked veggies in a thick sauce. But keeps it on the table so she can eat and chat.

Ben looks toward the drive as he doesn't hear the noise of many people and only sees one older man enter the yard. "Jake, where's the rest?"

Jake was trying to smile, then shakes his head. "Seems the new woman in charge of our department is a militant vegitarian. We can't bring meat to work even for ourselves. So when she heard about this, she said she's going to know if any of us came." He looks at the several tables spread out with foods. "I retired friday and sent a full report on the decay of attitude to the front office. It'll be interesting if they do anything though." While he was talking, he loaded up a plate and sat down."

Ben stared is shock. "Wow. I never heard of one like that. Well congrate on your retirement." He brings over a beer that he knows Jake likes.

"Thanks, hope there won't be too much go to waste." Then he whispers. "I see you finally found a woman than can really eat."

Debra hadn't been trying to listen in, but with her ears... She looks toward the drive as another vehicle pulls in.

Soon there's several people milling about, eating and chatting. All seem to know something about Debra and chat for a minute, though one stays most of the time he's there. He's in his mid twenties and seems to just want to chat, though he does ease toward her size slowly.

Debra loves to chat with him and finaly just opens up, chatting quietly so others don't hear. She admits that she does have CleanUpMare abilities but wants to work with computers. She pats her bulging human tummy. "All of this is from Ben's delicious foods. I just can't seem to resist." She smiles as she sees his eyes following every billow and whispers as she takes his nearest hand, putting it to her fat belly where her blouse has started to rise up. "Are you in love with fat women, or is it actually me?"

He tries to just feel gently. but is quickly hugging her close. "I've had to hide my desires from everyone. My family is heavily into sports, so the idea of me being interested in a woman who is even plump.."

Debra smiles and hugs him close, feeling him needing her when, with Ben, she's not sure if his affection is what all she can eat. "I live next door, but if your family has trouble with you being with a plump woman?"

He hugs himself close, reaching around what he can of her. Hugging and carressing her human and equine bodies. "I don't want Ben to get mad, but if I can just be with you some."

She smiles and moves so her flesh billows around him. "He has normal hours." She glances as she hears a car drive off and see there's less people here. She gives him her phone nomber as he reluctantly releases her, knowing that she needs to know what Ben's real desires are for her. "I'm Joe." Then he quietly leaves while Ben is chatting with others.

Ben joins her after the last of the lunch crowd as left. She tells him a little of Joe but not how close she was with him. He looks at what remains on her table, "I'm impressed with how much you've cleared from here already." He moves to carress, then knead her fattening body.

She starts thinking that all he does see in her is some one that can eat and eat. "Mares like me can only do this for a few days at a time." She tries to say more, but his carress has her stomach insisting and she raises what remains of the roasted veggies and starts gulping them down.

Ben just hugs her closer, "Then lets see how much you can pack in here. With that group not coming, they'll be even more left overs."

The lift is moving a platter of honey roasted hams and pork. Without meaning to, she replies. "Looks like you better move them to this table then. I intend to be carrying it all home tonight." Then she's gulping down slabs and chunks of pork. Doing what she can to take her time as she wonders how fat she's going to be in the morning, But the thought of Joe, if he really loves her and not just how much she can pack away.

Ben is lost in his desires. Every woman he was attracted to, seem to worry when family or friends started to voice their concerns. Her being a taur isn't a problem for him, but with his failures, he's not sure how to show his love except to massage and knead, encourage and give her all the delicious foods that she wants.

Debra soon can't imaging how much she's already consumed. He brings over a platter stacked with heavy brownies so it looks like a heavy structure rather than food. "mmm trying to really load my gut with even more?" She's starting to wonder how much of her desires are her stomach, or something deep down inside of her.

Ben has to struggle with the wide heavy platter. Leaning into her fat human belly and breasts, sinking in as he tips it to her mouth.

She smiles, then opens wide, the fears of being lonely gone, as she starts gulping them down as fast as they are poured into her, tasting them, thinking of her warm powerful stomach taking care of them.

By the time the first of the dinner people arrive, she does feel the need for a break. She pats her bulging human tummy and Ben chats with his guests. She whispers. "Uurfff I can't be getting this fat already." As she massages, she can feel her loose-this- morning blouse, raise up until it's all under her obese breasts. She resists hefting and carressing them because she doesn't know if she can stop. She nibble as she chats with any who come over to talk with her. None seem too shocked, though she can tell that some are really surprised how much of her there is.

Finally she sees Betty come in through the gate. Her eyes see that the woman's clothes seem snugger, but that's impossible for a human in just one day, so she decides the woman must be playing with her mind.

Betty loads up her platter and joins the gorging centauress. "I admit, wearing some snug clothes, probably shouldn't but couldn't resist." She starts attacking the thick spare ribs, she choose the ones that none of the fat was trimmed from.

Debra grins and whispers. "Mmm and I can see your arm might be a big plumper, sweeter, more delicious." She licks the fingers, then sucks in just her hand to taste, knowing there are too many around for more.

Betty smiles, stuffing more food in her mouth as the centauress savor her and whispers. "I do want you to taste as much as you can. without letting you give in to both of our desires." she smiles as Debra releases her hand and gorges while Debra snacks. "My my my looks like he's been stuffing you all day." She pats, then gropes some of the centauress's bulging fat. "Are you sure 500 pounds of me will be enough?" She glances and sees only a few are here now and are with Ben. She offers her hand again and this time shoves her hand in to where she can feel gullet muscles starting to pull.

Debra can't resist, She had also been watching and opens her lips wide as her gullet is pulling the plump arm in. she keeps her lips closed some to feel the extra fat upper arm and then swallows until she's nommin the fat shoulder. She knows she can't go farther, but as she looks into Betty's smiling face, she imagines the woman fatter and fatter. When the arm is finally released, she licks her lips slowly "Mmm I want you huge, but can either of us wait that long?"

Betty has been stuffing all she can into her stomach, feeling full but she knows she needs to really stretch her stomach. "Well, maybe we can wait for me to get up to 600." She pushes her fat belly against Debra's fatter one. "mmm imagine all of that sliding into your hungry gut. so much, maybe you won't be able to waddle."

Debra saw the last of the others are leaving and that Betty doesn't have any left. She whispers sensually, "I'd love that for the reason. Waddling to you, then swallowing your obeseness down and my belly resting on the floor." She motions and Betty realizes it's just them and Ben.

Betty smiles as she licks her platter clean. "I better get my centaur friend to come over. He might have ideas that could help." She smiles and waddles off, slower than before and her clothes look more likely to burst.

Debra watches the fattening woman leave, licking her lips, then has her lift get the next platter as Ben rejoins her. "So everyone gone for the day?" She tries not to look around at all that remains.

Ben wraps his arms around what he can of her human body, feeling her softness yield. "Yes, even if that group had come, looks lke I made way too much." He moves along her, keeping himself close until he's massaging her growing and growling taur belly.

Debra tries not to just tip the platter of augraten potatoes too much. "Well I did say I can try to empty this table. I guess the rest can be leftovers for me to have over the next few days."

Ben smiles and kneads more, seeming to know how much to encourage her stomach. With one ear against her fat belly, listening to it churn and gurgle, converting his foods into a fatter, more lovely woman in his eyes. "You've just about eaten everything I had hoped for. The rest is from those who didn't show up."

Debra smiles, she tries to shift each hoof to give her stomach some more room. "Well I think I can find just enough room for this too." She knows she's tired as she drains one more large mug of her special drink then has her lift bring the first platter to her, chicken breasts in a cheese sauce. What she doesn't see is, there's the fat from all the chicken he's roasted mixed into the sauce, making it more delicious and more calories sliding down her well exercised gullet as the lift tips it to her maw and everything just slides down.

Ben is massaging and kneading her heavy taur belly. He's surprised that she even offered to try and can actually feel her gut grow rounder and lower as she gulps and gulps what's waiting for her. He's glad that he had time to add all of the trimmed off fat from other chickens to her platter.

She has no idea how heavy since her lift moves it to her. The next platter is piled with thick pork rolls. the aroma has her almost drooling as these are raised to her lips. She sucks in the nearest one and closes her eyes at how delicious, then swallows it and opens wide as the lift tips and the heavy treats start rolling and tumbling in. Her mind screams she must be full, but her stomach gurgles for everything. So much of her taur belly on the floor she can't feel the weight as that platter is empty and the lift brings the next one. A vat with more than ten gallons of various roasted veggies, but in a thick sauce, she doesn't realize that it's the same thick sauce of Ben's Asian noodles and she simply opens her mouth and lets it all pour in like a sunami, In only a couple of minutes the vat is empty and she's looking at the next platter.

Ben smiles and pushes his head against her growing belly, listening to her powerful stomach stretch and her digestive system churning and gurggling. He doesn't know that when a Clean Up Mare eats like this. Everything possible is digested. He can feel that she's fatter than just a couple of hours ago and wonders how long it will take her to digest everything she can get in her powerful gut.

The next is piled high with some sort of roasted potato entree. Slices that were roasted, then mixed into a cheese and veggie sauce. She raises the platter up, not thinking how much there is as it begins to tip. She opens her maw wide, and they begin sliding in like a semi solid mass. She gulps and gulps, not wanting to loose any and her gullet bulges with each swallow.

The final wide platter is stacked with pork chops. and what pork chops they are. What only Ben knows is that these are special ones he had butchered from what is refered to as a lard hog. Bred and fed to get as fat as possible. There's at more than 100 pounds and he glances at it and smiles as he watches the lift move it to your maw.

Debra tries to lick one, but she has the lift moving it up and toward her mouth. She doesn't care how much as her stomach gurggles and she opens wide as the platter starts to tip toward her maw. Something has her open more and more as the edge of the platter starts to slip into her maw more without her realizing it. as the chops would have begn to slide, they are so sticky that it's actually the entire platter sliding into her maw and gullet. Somehow her gullet relaxes as the entire mass just slides in, her stomach opens as she swallows the mass of pork chops and the platter in a single gulp.

Ben is massaging deeply, listening to her digest. He looks up smiling at the special pork chops, then stares in shock as the platter begins to slide. Before he can react, it all disappears between her fat lips and he can actually hear it splash into the cauldron her stomach has become.

Debra keeps her eyes closed, making contented sounds as her plump hands pat her growing with fat human belly. She reaches down and is a bit surprised that she can no longer reach her bulging equine breasts. "Mmmm I think I'm too full to go home tonight." She smiles as Ben gets to his feet, keeping himself against her. "So if you can wake me when you get up."

Ben smiles and hugs her as deeply as he can. "I had a friend set your computer for voice control. I have a feeling you might have trouble with the keyboard."

She hugs him close, kissing him when he gets close enough. "You really do care for me." She yawns. "Oh I am simply so stuffed all I want to do is sleep." She smiles as he looks at her blouse, and how all of her tummy is exposed. "I supposed one more favor you could do is to get me out of this. My tummy has room to grow but my breasts and arms are feeling rather squeezed."

He quickly grabs a knife and carefully starts to cut the lower edge of her blouse. In one long rip, it tears open, until only the seam at the neck remains. He's almost knocked over as her now massive breasts explode from their confines and roll outward. But he knows not to stop and cuts that seam. then he cuts free her upper arms. Though not as tight as her breasts, they each billow out like pillows that were in cases too small for them. Putting the knife on a table, he hugs and squeezes himself into her fatness. Kissing and sucking on one fat nipple then the other.

Debra smiles contentedly. "uurrpp mm so stuffed all I want to do is sleep." She smiles at him as her eyes begin to close.

Ben contimues to hug and carress. "All stuffed and no more room?"

She grins, her eyes completely closed. "My stomach might have room but I'm too tired." Her voice fades and her breathing slows.

Ben can't believe what she said. He had prepared a special final course, but put it aside when the group failed to show. He argues with himself, but she did say her stomach might have room. He continues caressing. Keeping his thoughts on making sure she is asleep. Then he struggles to get free and goes into his kitchen. He rolls out his heavy lift, trying to be as quiet as possible even though it carries an enormous pot. there's at least 400 lbs in it. He whispers to himself. "I know she can't, but if her stomach want's more...." His shaft is throbbing under his chef apron as he starts to raise it into position.

Debra is deep in dreamless sleep. But somehow she smells it and is licking her fat lips, Then she tips her dead back into the tire of fat her neck has become and opens wide.

Ben is too far in desire to think of stopping. Carefully he starts to tip it. The lip of the pot designed for this and when it starts to pour, it's heading right into her maw. He moves so he can caress her fatness, nuzzling a fat breast to make her know he does care for her.

Debra lets her mouth fill, then swallows, again and again, several pounds in each swallow. But she's doing this completely asleep. Her stomach controlling everything as if it knows that soon this time of gorging will be over.

Ben keeps tipping the pot slowly, amazed at how fast she's taking it and expecting at any time for her lips to shut. But when the hundred pound level is reached, he starts thinking. All of this is about what Betty weighs.' He wonders if maybe this will all be in her human portion. There's so much of his special fattening sauce that it flows in easier. Then the two hundred level is reached. He keeps caressing, smiling wondering. Then three hundred and finally the last glops slides out of the pot and into her mouth.

But instead of her closing her lips. She keeps them open. As if expecting more.

Ben gasps and whispers quietly, "More?"

There's a slight nod, and then her round lips close as if her stomach knows he needs time.

Ben gives her fat human belly one more hug then takes the lift and rushes back into his kitchen. "There's no way she could hold another four hundred." He gets the needed foods cooking for a two hundred pound pot and then cleans the huge one so he can put it away. He grabs an hour of sleep while things cook and then is working on mixing it all up for her.

When he quietly rolls it out side, she's sleeping deeply. Her taur belly bulging out more to each side but he can see her human belly and breasts are fuller and heavier. Her equine breast is also pushing forward and to each side. He moves the lift and then the pot in place and she opens her maw wide. Without thinking, he starts it tipping more than the last time. Before he can stop that, she's gulping down the flood of thick noodles, fatty meat and that dense delicious sauce with no problem. He is barely snuggling into her fat tummy and suckling on the other fat breasts before the last drips disappear past her lips.

As he watches, she licks her lips slowly and whispers 'More."

He takes the pot and lift back to the kitchen and starts on more. He doesn't want to use the huge pot but he does get enough cooking to fill it. "If she can't eat it all, it'll be some of the leftovers she can have over the next few days." He's working on it all and doesn't even have time for a cat-nap before he's filling the pot with another two hundred pounds of her rich fattening feast.

Debra has been sleeping through all of this, she did dream of having to eat and eat until she couldn't move, but then sleeps again.

Finally he rolls in the next two hundred pounds of thick noodle dish. As he looks at her bulging belly and breasts, he imagines all of this ending up there. He does try to pour it slower so he has time to snuggle in and suck her other fat nipple. He imagines it getting fatter as he watches all of this load being poured into her. When it's emptied, he quickly reloads it with the last two hundred pounds and is pouring it into her wide open mouth.

He's snuggling, caressing her growing with fat human belly as he fondles and sucks on her fattening breast, mumbling. "My goodness girl, you must be full now."

She gulps down the last of it, licking her plump lips and urps quietly, then whispers, "More."

Ben doesn't want to move away from her but does. "I guess you get all the foods that were left." He smiles as she nods, her fat neck rippling. He goes into the cooler where he put everything and starts dumping the trays into the huge pot. Remembering her swallowing the platter makes him think for a moment. but he doesn't, trays don't have calories. He has the pot more then full when he takes a five gallon jug of his special sauce and pours it all over, knowing that every extra calorie he can get in her will have her that much fatter. The one thing he checked, when she mentioned only being able to eat like this once is, her digestive system is also extra effective.

He rolls the lift in and the indicator says five hundred and four pounds. He gets it in place and carefully gets it tipping, being careful until there's enough out of it that it won't be spilling all over. He's snuggling into her other side and sucking passionately from her other breast as he keeps the foods dumping into her gullet.

She swallows it all, gulp after huge gulp. Her stomach demanding everything. It's as if her mind had been limiting her consumption, or maybe the enjoyment of the flavors slowed her. But now, it's just load up her stomach to it's limit.

Ben watches her swallow and swallow, though he's having to look past the growing mass of the breast he's fondling. He knows that if he can keep doing this, her breasts and human belly will be as fat as he can dream. He keeps the huge pot tipping. guessing when she passes half of the load and keeps it pouring into her.

Debra is somehow completely asleep. probably because her blood is so loaded with fat, searching for places to be deposited. She dreams of a wall of food before her, tipping and she is a clean up mare, she needs to eat it all.

Finally the last fat pork chop tumbles into her gullet, a few drips of sauce follow, but the pot is so slick, it's almost clean as he lowers it down. As she licks her lips, he knows she's still not full. He struggles out of her fleshy embrace and pushes the pot and lift back to his walk in cooler. He's searching for anything that is safe to eat as it is. A hundred pounds of ground beef is tossed in first. all kinds of things that he stored for his resturants and show. But he knows he can replace them tomorrow. He takes the trash can that guests had dumped what they didn't eat. More and more he dumps in finding several twenty five blocks of cheese. As loaded as the pot is. he pours in the last five gallons of his special sauce. Realizing that her stomach can handle anything he struggles with a hundred pound container of lard just in case.

Her maw opens wide as he rolls the lift in. Just out of his awe at her stomach, he struggles to lift the lard up, pushing himself into her fat. Her arms move sleepily, grabbing it and shoving it whole into her mouth. He stares at the bulge in her neck and how it disappears behind her obese breasts. Then he hears it splosh into her stomach. Not wanting to waste a moment, he gets the lift into position and starts pouring it into her maw.

As soon as she's gulping the five hundred pound plus load, he's snuggling deep into her fatness, suckling passinately on her other breast, he believes that he can actually feel her growing fatter as she gulps and gulps. He can see the various foods pouring into her, then tipping it so the last drips pour into her. As he lowers it down, she uurrrpps and smile, whispering. "Finaly full, thanks."

He's not sure if that's from Debra or her stomach. He simply shoves the lift to one side and snuggles into her obese human tummy, exhausted and happy. He can hear the muffled sounds of digestion as he joins her in sleep, nuzzling his head between her bulging breasts.

Debra sleeps deeply. All of her eating seems like a dream. Her Clean Up Mare abilities take some of the nutrients to strengthen and make her skeleton grow wider and longer. but that's barely noticable because of all of the blubber she's packing on everywhere. Somehow she wakes a little before nine. She yawns and starts to move, then realizes that Ben is sleeping against her. She looks around, or tries to and sees the twin hills of her more immense breasts. "Oh my goodness, I must have eaten more than I thought." Forgetting about Ben, she starts to struggle to stand. She knows her body would have adapted some. but can she even move?" She shifts foreward then back a couple of times, Ben rolls forward and out of her way as some how she stands, though her huge taur belly is just inches from the ground.

Ben gets to his feet and moves so she can see him. "Good morning dear." He's afraid to ask if she wants breakfast.

She slowly smiles as she can feel how full her stomach is. "I guess you and my stomach were busy while I slept." She moves her obese arms and realizes she can't get them in front of her and gasps. "How am I going to do my work? I want to be more than a Clean Up Mare."

Ben smiles and hugs her fat human belly. then steps back. "If you can get to your home, I have a surprise." He leads her through the gate separating their yards.

Debra can only move one strong thick leg at a time. Each time she moves a foreleg, she feels it push into the soft heavy mass of her equine breast and watches as her human breasts roll and billow. Some how she isn't out of breath as she gets into her home and Ben motions for her to lie down in the living room. She can see her computer is now on a desk that may have been made from one of his lifts.

Ben moves it into position, hands her the remote, then pushes the on button. An arm comes up, holding a set of headphones with a mic while the computer warms up. "A computer friend of mine set it up to be completely voice controlled. Now push button one." When she does, a roller ball pad moves within reach of her right arm. "I think you can work out how to use it. Push button two again and the roller ball will slide away so you can take a break."

Debra is smiling as she starts up her email and sees her first assignments are already waiting. "I better get to work then." She smiles as there's a muffled gurggling from her stomach. "With all you fed me overnight, I'll probably be fine for several days."

Ben smiles, "I already left a few things in your fridge, so I'll get to work. On Monday all I do is set up for the rest of the week and check on my resturants, but it will probably be after five before I get back." He hugs her close, not even thinking that she's not wearing a thing.

She leans against him and mentions that if some one comes during the day... She has him get her light blanket and gets it wrapped around her so it's like a robe, covering enough to make her decent for any visitors. Then she gets to work on her reports while he heads to the tv station.

With a little playing around, she quickly learns how to use this and it actually makes her work easier. Before noon, she has her first report done and sends it in. When she presses two, a note comes up on her screen explaining what she can do with the remote. She turns on the noon news, and there's another lift that brings her a gallon of cool juice with a long straw so she can drink easily.

There's a knock at her back door and she says come on in, thinking it might be Ben. But the gasp tells her it's Joe. She smiles as he moves to where she can see him. "I didn't think I'd grow this fast either." By the time she finishes, he close against her, massaging, carressing and snuggling. She tells him all that she remembers and now she won't be gaining as much. He tells her he's all ready to leave home, he is old enough but doesn't have a job that pulls in enough.

Debra thinks for a moment and talks of some of her concerns. "Ben seems to be more intent on how much he can feed me." She tells him all she remembers of last night and fears he may have fed her at least a thousand pounds of something while she slept.

Joe has been affectionately carressing and fondling her new fat. "I don't know too much about him. but one of the well fleshed women working for him I have talked with. She said she accepted all he encouraged her to gorge on, then he never went farther than that. She's married and he still encourages her. He even has an account at a BBW shop where she and others can charge their clothes." Jim is snuggled into her softness as he talks  

Debra is relaxed, then a beep from her computer tells her the next report is ready. "Well with what I get paid here, I can take care of you." She giggles as she looks toward her bedroom. "Might as well use my room, no way I can get in there now. But I need to get on this report."

Joe hugs her close, snuggling, then releases her. "I'll get my things and be back soon." He leaves and she hears his car drive off, but not like he's too excited." She focuses on the report before her and is soon working on it smoothly.

A little later she hears some one drive up and then a familar voice at the back door. "My goodness, did he just dump eveything left into you?" Betty smiles as she waddles in to where Debra can see her. Debra hadn't realized how fat she is as her wide hips roll with every step. Her belly is also round and sags, but with those fat breasts billowing on it. Even her clothes seem to be near their limits. "Anything left?" When the centauress points to the fridge, she goes over and pulls out the biggest container and joins her. "So you can't believe what I said yesterday?" She starts gulping down chunks of assorted meats, beef brisket, fat back, along with some large rolls that seem partly soaked in something, then semi dried.

Debra had paused her report and tried not to stare at the fat woman as she waddles. But those hips insist she look and she imagines the massive rump the woman must have "Well I guess I didn't have room last night for everything." She explains what had happened then insist she can finish this report and have plenty of time to chat.. Betty turns on the TV, looking for the food channel.

Betty settles beside her and her fat belly billows against her own. Debra does manage to concentrate and get the report done, then has the lift move it out of the way.. "Well it's not every day some one comes up as says I want you to eat me." Her one hand seems to move on it's own as it pats and strokes the woman's belly. "Though I have to admit I haven't seen a human that looks so delicious." She can't believe she said that, but then knows it's true.

Betty has been eating passionately while she talked and carressed her. "Mm but remember, I'm not fat enough, yet." She moves to push more of herself against the centauress. "I think you need to get this place improved for one of your girth," Then strokes your blanket. "Want me to shop for some larger clothes? I already have some for me as I pack on the pounds" And the way she's eating, she's doing that today.

Debra nods and struggles to get to her hooves, her taur belly rolling. "That would be great. I don't want Ben to know I've outgrown everything."

Betty also stands, she pulls a double length measuring tape from her purse. "We have to help each other, at least you only need clothes from the waist up." She takes some measurements like she's done these on herself, puts the tape away then pulls out her phone. It only takes her a few minutes before she hangs up and smiles. "I'm a good customer and they'll have some things over here in a few hours."

Debra is a bit more relaxed. But every time she strokes the fat woman's belly, she can't help imagining.

Betty seem to understand her problem. "I hope I didn't come on too strong. I guess the taur that I knew, he helped me work out what was deep in my mind and I was just too relieved to find a taur that had the ability. um, if you don't want to, I can understand."

Debra has been gently massaging the woman's belly, deep inside she wants her and she realizes that she does too. "I guess I'm more shocked at how much I ate over the weekend, So how fat do you want to be?"

Betty smiles and pushes the centaur's hand into her fat tummy "I want to be over 600 pounds of delicious fat. Just imagine all of this sliding into your belly, filling you so well and moving inside. I heard that it's possible for you to keep me alive." She moves off her chair so she can hug the mare with her fat body. "Mmm imagine me hugging and massaging you from with in. Making you so happy with your weight, then you digesting and maybe gaining all of my weight as your own."

Debra can't believe how good this woman feels against her. she realizes it's not a woman/woman thing, it's a hunger / food. "Mmm so you know how to help my jaws and gullet stretch more?"

Betty smiles and moves to be in front of the mare. She moves a hand to her lips. "Right now just my arm, but I'm certain my friend has ideas." She quickly makes another call and smiles, "I told him and he said he's close. I think he loves the idea of watching me being swallowed." She starts to ease her hand in, then more until she can feel Debra's gullet trying to grab her fingers. She eases her arm in a little more, then she feels the gullet grab and start pulling her in "Mmm that's it dear, just like yesterday, but we can do this without worry of others seeing." Her other hand begins to carress your throat, wanting to feel her arm in the centauress.

Debra closes her eyes, afraid of how much of you she might be able to take with all that Ben dumped in her last night, but your flavor makes her hope she can let you go. Her tongue tastes your soft flesh as more and more of your fore arm is pulled in.

Betty closes her eyes and mmrrr in comfort. "That's it dear, just take your time. don't worry " But she is also gently pushing her arm in with every pull of your gullet. She smiles as she sees and feels her elbow sliding in, the extra roll of fat of her upper arm only slows the centauress for a moment. "mmm yes dear yes, Ohh I better really get gorging or you'll be ready before I am. Mmmm"

Debra's lips are playing with your arm and her tongue excited with how delicious you are. She realizes your hand is more in her gullet and she opens her eyes. When she sees that almost half of your fat upper arm is in, she accidently takes a powerful gulp and suddenly all of Betty's fat arm is in her mouth and gullet.

Betty gasps in something approaching sensual. "Oh yer dear yes. Now just relax, there's no way that you can take more." She hopes that her voice can control the centauress, because she knows the mare isn't ready for more.

Debra can only barely nod. Some how her gullet muscles ease off, but still massaging the fat woman's arm. Her fat lips play around Betty's soft shoulder as her hand massaging Betty's fat belly, encouraging her stomach and digestive system.

Betty is groaning in pleasure and leaves her arm in the centauress. almost wanting to be taken right now, but she knows Debra need to be stretched carefully. Finally she whisper, "Better let me go so I can eat more." She slowly pulls her arm out, smiling at how easily Debra took her entire arm.

Debra mmm as Betty pulls her arm out, then has to work her jaws back in place. "Mmmm you're right, delicious, but how can you stretch me enough?"

Betty smiles as she attacks the food within reach. "Well next time,, we try a leg." She steps back and moves so Debra can get a good look at her weighty lower limb.

Debra's eyes follow every motion and jiggle. "Mmm well you keep eating. going to be several days before I digest enough to have room."

Betty gulps down a mouthful of potato sald and smiles. "I'm well off and once I decided what I really wanted, I started making plans."

Betty keeps bringing foods from the fridge so she can gorge while she chats what she knows of taurs with the mare.

Debra is surprise how much that stallion had told her and realizes that best way to keep those things secret is to swallow her up.

Betty gulps down what she was eating and pats the centauress's belly affectionally. "Good thing you can do your work from here. At least you won't have to explain to them when you suddenly gain six hundred pounds. She struggles to her feet and proudly pats her bulging belly "Mmm fatter and more delicious and all for you."

Debra stares, then reaches out to carress, feeling your fatness. She giggles "Too skinny."

Betty smiles then gets up to answer the door. After the door closes, she waddles back with a couple of large flat boxes. "I told you that they work fast." She opens the first one and pulls out something like Debra's mumu, but it appears to have more shape.

Debra smiles and easily slips her blanket off. "I don't want Ben to think I don't have anything that will fit."

Betty smiles as she helps her get it on, smiling how it fits and still has some room. "As long as I'm just in your belly. she can keep up with you. but after you digest me." Her plump hands massage the centauress' fat human belly and heavy breasts. "Well you can blame Ben, I doubt he'll object." She glances at the clock and gives Debra a warm hug. "I'll see you tomorrow." She waddles out, as Debra realizes that Joe or Ben could be getting home soon.

She gets back on the report, quickly remembering where she was and knowing she's still on schedule.

When there's a knock at the front door, she remotely opens it and Joe starts to move some boxes in. He gets the rest of his boxes in, but doesn't take anything out he doesn't need. He decides to hide in her bedroom when Ben arrives.

One of the reasons Ben is so successful is, when he's at work, restaurant, TV studio, he's completely there. The only thought of Debra is when he's getting foods for her or making sure that he prepares a lot of extra during the show prep. He knows that he can't keep feeding her like this past weekend, but with her being a Clean-Up-Mare, he's made arrangements with his restaurants to pack up all their waste foods for her. He gets a pair of one hundred pound trash cans, remembering feeding her last night and how excited he was. He has just over fifty pounds of food in the cooler, and more than that in each of the trash cans in his van as he drives home. He finally lets his mind roam, How much of what he dumped into her last night has she digested. He pulls into his drive, rolls the cooler through the yard and knocks at her back door.

Debra smiles and calls out. "Come on in." She had finished her last report of the day as she gets to her hooves and smiles as he comes in.

Ben freezes as he sees her. "Looks like you got everything from the weekend and last night digested." He pulls her cooler the rest of the way in and closes the door. when he turns back to her, she smiles.

Debra smiles and tries to pat / heft her wide heavy mare-breast. "mmm made lots of good brisket, don't you think? She giggles as he's stunned for a moment, then pats her immense taur belly. "Still feels like a lot in here." She wants to ask how much, but has worked out that Joe loves her and Ben just cares about stuffing her, so she needs to play on his desires.

Ben moves close, dropping to his knees so he can hug and caress the rolling mass of fat and meat. "Mmmm you certainly have." He buries his head into her fat human belly as he simply enjoys. Finally he gets up and smiles as he looks over what he can of her. "So how much of last night have you digested?"

Debra smiles, reaches back to stroke what she can of her taur belly. "Well maybe a fourth, the magic of my first time gorging is done so going to take some time." She smiles as he seems embarassed he brought the cooler. "But I do have room for some." She smiles, making contented sounds as he moves beside her, keeping in touch all of the time as she can feel how strained his pants are. "So, what did you bring?"

Ben was lost in feeling how much she had gained. He didn't think she would have digested everything, but he had hopped. He struggles to get back to the cooler. "All of this is for tomorrow when I'm not here." As he starts loading the boxes into the fridge, he smiles as there's only one box remaining. "So how did your work go?" He smiles as she sits down, her fat rump spreading out comfortably.

Debra is smelling at the foods, recognizing the asian noodles and that special sauce. "It went well. I can get enough done without pushing myself too much." She starts to think, then smells something outside. "With you knowing of my being a CleanUpMare...."

Ben knows he's been caught. "I had the resturants save up their scraps. I thought that, well." He knows that she'll eat it all as he goes outside and wheels in a lift with two trash drums on it. "There's about fifty pounds," he hesitates then continues, "in each."

Debra knows she can handle that much. As much as she's gaining from the week end long barbeque, she can hope that this won't be as fattening. "So just going to let me eat or..." She can see the look in his eyes. He wants something he's afraid will bother her and she knows she has the upper hand and might get more control. "Or are you hoping to just pour it in me?" She doesn't know that's how he stuffed her last night.

Ben half smiles and nods. "I was looking at some vids of Clean Up Mares last week and, there was one who called herself a garbage mare. Now I'm not going to feed you garbage, but the way she just gulped it down," he says patting her belly.."

Debra half laughs. "I've seen that one too. And then she promoises how this will make her even fatter. I sure hope you aren't planning to fatten me like this past weekend, But I can try that." She relaxes, spreads her hoves a little. "Ok, time to get rid of the garbage." She tips her head back and opens her maw wide.

Ben can't believe it. His apron shifts as he grows even more excited. He gets the first drum set up. raises it to her mouth and starts to tip it in.

Debra wants him to really enjoy. she can smell that this food is tasty so she grabs the drum and tips it so it pours into her. She takes loud gulps, each making her plump throat bulge. Within a couple of minutes that one is empty and she waits for the next one.

Ben has been watching with his mouth hanging open and his shaft jerking under his apron. He quickly switches drums and she's soon gulping down it's contents. As she swallows the last and smacks her plump lips, he can't hold back and his apron soon has a damp spot on it.

As Debra pushes the empty drum back, she realizes what just happened and playfully ignores it. She pats her bulging taur belly with both hands. "Well by morning all that garbage might be new sOft fat." She remembers the lines from the video because she thought it was so silly, and now she can use it to get some control of him. As she sees him struggling to get his thoughts bacK under control, she yawns. "Seems all this food makes me need more sleep." She fakes stumbles to her couch and lays down beside it. "See you in the morning." Then she relaxes against the cushions.

Ben can't believe what happened. He hadn't been able to find a woman he really wanted to go all the way with and now he discovers he doesn't really need one. He gets the lift and drums back to his house, cleans them and himself up as he starts thinking more ideas, like slowly increasing how much is in them. Finally he calls it a night and quickly falls asleep.

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Centauress comes to town

the same 'world as 'Clean up' series.

Debra get's off the transport and helps unload her few boxes of posessions, then looks at the house that is now her home as it drives away. While she moves the boxes inside and then starts putting things away, she remembers the last few years. learning some computer skills and being chosen to live with humans with the plan of showing that taurs are much more than intelligent farm animals. she hooks up her computer and smiles as she has access to the web. She sends an email to the company she'll be working for to let them know she will be in on Monday.

She looks out into the backyard. This being a new housing developement so all have a fair size back yard with a fence. She wonders who he neighbors are because with her height, she can easily look over the fence. On one side the fense is higher and she can smell the water of a pool. On the other side, there is a small building and she can smell smoke and meat aromas. "Looks like some one cares for meat." She goes back inside, leaving the twin sliding doors partly open because of the comfortable temperature. She turns on the TV for background noise as she puts her limited clothing away in her bedroom.

She takes a break and flips through the channels. She stops on one that seems to have a human male talking of how to prepare all kinds of meats. She does have food here and had planned to stay mostly vegitarian diet, but can't help licking her lips. "Easy Debra, but it does look good." She wonders though her small home, the doorways had been made for the width of a taur, though the ceiling is still for humans and she knows that a ceiling fan would be dangerous for her.

A beep tells her a message has come through and she checks to see it's from the research company that hired her. They are glad she made it and included the first report for her to work on. They say they are trying out more of their employees working from home to save office space.

Debra looks over the notes and graphs, mentally forming a concise report. "I hope it's all new people and not just because I'm a taur. But it also means that I can be a bit more relaxed." She gets to work. actually hoping that she can work from home.

She hears a vehicle pull up to the home with the smoke house and plans to go introduce herself when she gets to a good stoping point.

She's jarred out of her concentration when there's a knock at her back door.

There's a gentle male voice she thinks she recognizes. "Hello. I'm Ben, one of your neighbors."

She easily gets to her hooves and steps out of her work room to where she can see the back doors. She's surprised when it's the man from the food channel. "Hello, I'm Debra." She had been ready for him to do anything from freeze in shock or run. But he actually smiles.

"Good to meet you." He cames in with a big box that smells wounderfull. He puts it on the table, along with a flyer. "I'm having a barbeque this weekend for some friends and neighbors so you're invited of course."

She smiles, amazed that her first contact is very plesant. "Oh I'm certain I can. It's wonderful to meet you." She pauses a moment, realizing he is looking her over but can't tell what's behind that. "Didn't I see you on TV today?" She strokes her slightly plump belly and see his eyes follows every motion.

Ben blushes some. "Yes, I do the Barbeque and you. I can't believe how successful it is and I'm always looking for new methods and recepies." Maybe there's some you could share with me?" He nudges the box. "Some of the foods from the show. Always make a lot wih the retakes. Even when sharing with the audience. You can put them in the fridge, but they're best nice and warm."

Debra had been smelling them, trying not to drool. "Oh I have some work to finish before I'll eat but I bet they're delicious." She smiles as he seems to be wanting to ask something, but can't decide to.

He almost has to shake his head to get his eyes off of her. "Well enjoy. I know how important it is to get work done before pleasure. Maybe we can chat later or tomorrow."

Debra smiles, part of her would love to give him a hug, but knows that most humans aren't as much into that type of contact without really knowing each other. "Oh I'm certain we will. I might even be working from home."

Ben smiles, "Later then." He almost bumps into the door, but manages not to look too clumsy as he leaves. She hadn't noticed that there is a gate between her home and his. As he goes into his yard, he checks on the smoke house and equipment he'll be using this weekend. He had heard all kinds of rumors about taurs that he doesn't care about. But the one woman that worked with him had told him some of 'meatmares', certain centaurs that are specially fattened to be sold as meat. very rare and he had to promise not to tell any one. When he was looking at her, he was thinking of her fattened up and how he might prepare each cut.

Debra struggles to get back to her report, the smell of honey, barbeque and various spices clawing for her attention, but she does manage to finish the part she wanted to. Not sure what is in the box, she fills a large glass with milk and then opens the box. The delicious heady aromas grab her like she was afraid they might. the ribs are thick with meat and she doesn't know that he leaves the fat on to keep the juices and that most slice that off before consuming them. there's some large rolls that seem to be there to soak up any juices and are doing that very well. She takes one, very large for people, but to her, it's just right. She has to bite into it carefully so she doesn't lose a drop. With the first bites, she knows that her fears were right as she gulps down the roll and then takes a rib. She knows she can't do this where people can see her. She actually shoves the entrie rib into her mouth and as she pulls the bone out, her teeth strip the fat meat away. She had planned to chew. but seeing all that remains, she simply swallows and attacks the meat and rolls with a passion.

Before she realizes it, she's looking at an empty box as she licks the sauce from her lips and feels the warmth as the last slides into her stomach. "Uurrp I sure hope I can control my self this weekend. I'd hate for his guests to see a mare out of control." But she smiles, still tasting it all and hoping now that she can work from home. With him as a neighbor, she's expecting to put on some weight. Though it's not that late, she decides to call it a night and lies down. The flavors still in her mind as she wonders about what questions he couldn't ask her.

Ben is back in his kitchen, thinking over tomorrow's show and the centauress. He has no idea that the twenty pounds of meat he dropped off is gone already and filling a taur tummy. He gets everything ready and looks at his menu for the weekend barbeque. Uaually he makes a bit too much. But with her there, he'd love to challenge her to not have any leftovers. Tired from a long day, yet elighted from meeting his new neighbor, he manages to get to sleep.

Debra gets to work on doing reports and is actually glad to be doing them from home. Her superior admits the problem of the office not being set up for taurs and admires the way she can take a pile of notes and turn it into a report that anyone can read.

Debra has set her self a schedule to work within. If she just works as reports are sent to her, she might be doing more of them and lower the quality. She's surprised that her neighbor hasn't dropped by with more, but is releived because she knows she'll gain a bit this weekend. He family kept her ability as a clean up taur secret because businesses needing them, would send a message to other places not to hire her. She munches a simple lunch. It's as much as she had had with her herd. but nothing tastes as delicious as those ribs.

Ben has wanted to stop by, but he needs to make this barbeque better than any he's ever had. He has a list of every one that is coming and has plenty of food for them. He guesses that she could handle a hundred pound a day, then decides on three hundred, hoping that she might have hidded clean crew abilities.

Debra has her windows open because she prefers fresh air over air conditioned. But some time on Friday morning, she starts to smell more delicious foods and has to concentrate to get the last report of the week done. Once she's double checked and sent it on, She eats some of her foods, though they taste like cardboard compared to what she smells.

Ben had already started on getting meats in the smoke house. he believes in low and slow and most have to agree. He's working in his kitchen and glances to her home. He sees her looking out toward the backyard and smiles slyly. He starts on one of his well loved noodle dishes, but in huge party size. He sets a fan to blow the aroma toward her. It takes almost an hour before he has piles of thick noodles in a thick sauce and chunks of beef on several platters. Then he calls Debra on the phone. "Hey Debra, it's your neighbor Ben. It seems I made a bit more than I planned while cooking. Would you like some? It's beef fried noddles asian style. I can get it packed up and bring it over."

Debra tries to resist, but she's been smelling it and her stomach gurggles, insisting she give in. "Oh my, you don't want that to spoil my appetite for the weekend. But I admit I haven't fixed myself dinner yet so sure thing, you want me to come over?"

Ben replies, "I know you've been working hard so I'd be happy to drop it off on your porch. If you've got time to come over that would wounderfull. Just come in the sliding doors."

She gulps as she can smell the cooking from inside her home." I'll be right over, thanks." She hangs up and tries to take her time, but the memory of those ribs a few days ago make her lick her lips.

Her yard is large and empty, while his has a large smookehouse, a couple of fire pits and a storage building where foods are kept, including a large walk in cooler. The large ranch home has a style like her's and she can see the big back doors open to the kitchen with a serving and eating counter all set up. There's two silver pans with a mountan of food. THe beef and fried noodles smell wonderfull. Debra comes in through the gates and almost passes out from the delicious aromas, She looks inside and hopes that that isn't all for her, though her stomach begins to gurgle as it's hoping for it all." She taps on the door, "Hello Ben?

"Come in!" He calls from the kitchen, setting another plate down and a big pot of tea. He smiles as he watches her walk in, though he isn't sure, but he thinks she may be a few pounds plumper. "Thanks for coming over. I guess I was thinking for tomorrow." He waves to a padded area, obviously he had checked on what taurs use for furnature..

She smiles as she comes in, the sliding doors more than wide enough for her. "So you have a little extra you need me to take care of?"

He laughs as he looks her over. He's in nice slacks and a shirt with his apron over it. "Just a little, home made noodles I was trying out ended up with way to much" He shrugs, "Thanks for coming by to help me work on it.  He pours some tea. The huge silver trays of the mountain of noodles rises right in front of her.

She smiles . "It's nice to have a neighbor that doesn't seem bothered about a centaur moving in. It looks like I'm going to be able to work from home." She settles her plump haunches down and looks at the delicious loaded table.

Ben acts surprised, "Really? Who would be bothered by that. I'm lucky to get such a nice neighbor.  Last old lady was rather mean to every one." He makes a plate for you with some pounds filling it up from the pile. And make's his own much smaller plate.   He leaving the tongs near by, tempting her.  "Why would it be hard to get to work?"

She digs in, unable to resist. "Mmm as delicious as it smells." She tries not to start shoveling it in, taking her time as well as she can. "I hope your show is doing well." She doesn't realize that you gave her a serving fork as she eats hungrily. "Getting to work wouldn't be a problem. I'm thinking they would need to make changes for a tuar's physiology."

He smiles, "It's doing well enough. " He smiles while watching you chew, just nibbling his own plate as his eye's are mostly watching your pile disappearing. He slips more on with the serving tongs a couple times before just leaving them sitting by your hand.

She's now really eating, tasting every mouthful. Then she's swallowing mouthfuls as if she just needs to empty the platter, She licks her lips as more and more slide down her gullet, filling her tummy then making it stretch a little.

Ben is loving the show. Wondering if some of the things he read are true and wishing he knew this mare well enough to sit closer.. He just slides over a gallon jar of a thick sauce he made.  Nothing he would use himself as its too fattening but he doesn't tell her.

Though all of this is so delicious, the smell of the sauce makes her unable to resist, She pours a small amount on a fork full and savors "Mmmm and I thought it couldn't taste better." she smiles and puts some on her next fork full, not realizing 24 pounds are already in her stomach.

Ben smiles, "That's great to hear, I love cooking and tend to make a little too much" He jokes, glancing down to her taur belly now and then, catching it fill and hang lower on your body.

She giggles "You call this a little too much?" Without thinking she pours a bit more of the sauce on the meat remaining on her platter. She starts to wonder what he may know of centaurs.

He nods, "Just a bit. When I'm on the job, I always make a lot with all the takes things need. Give the extra's away. Make's me happy when some one enjoys it."  He half whispers, "or comes over to my place and stuff herself."

She can't resist smiling at that comment. "Are you hoping I'll stuff myself tomorrow?" She doesn't realize how much she's eaten or that the new sauce has her eating faster.

Ben blushes, "I would be quite happy even if you just show up." He says refilling the tea.  "Of course if you want to stuff yourself, you're more then welcome to.  Can have as much as you want.  Hope you don't mind me watching" He teases, "I love it when my cooking is enjoyed"

She giggles as she eats, not realizing how much is already in her, "So what else do you do besides cooking? I take it there's no miss?" She starts shoveling the rest of it in, not feeling the added weight of her meal.

He watches that pile disappearing for a moment.. before snapping out of it. "Who? Oh, no nothing like that. I have a couple of restaurant setup but spend most of the time working on the show. I can't complain. I make enough to live nice"

She smiles as she works on emptying the platter. finally finishing it off "Mmm I hope that you aren't planing on me finishing off what's left after the weekend." She licks her lips as she cleans the sauce from her plump lips.

He blinks and wonders if she notices just how much that was.. It started as 50lbs of noodles before he mixed them up.. Then the frying and all the meat and sauce.. it's quite impressive. He adjusts himself on the seat to hide how watching that effected him. "Hah, even the appetizers I'm cooking up are going to be more then that little pile you finished up. So I hope you can enjoy as much as you want.  If you eat all it would just make me rather happy."

He want's to hide after he admits that, but she takes one of his hands and moves it to her rounder taur tummy. She whispers sensually. "Now that I ate all of that for you, what were the questions you wanted to ask?"

He can't believe that she wants him closer. With a little encouragement from her, he's soon massaging, then kneading her bulging taur belly. "Most of what I've heard is just rumors, but owning two restaurants I..." he looks up to her smiling face. "Are you a clean up mare?" Some how he doesn't feel as ashamed to ask as he did to even think it a few nights ago.

Debra can't resist playing with him a moment. She urrpps quietly  "Oh excuse me, but all of that was so delicious," Then she thinks on what you said. "That was an appetizer? My goodness you can't be thinking of me eating more than that tomorrow." But you can see her inhaling the cooking aromas, and her plump breasts moving as she inhales deeper. Then she whispers, "yes. The reason many of us keep it a secret is, there are many places that want one of our kind and most of us don't want to end up as fat garbage disposals. I know that you think we are treated well, and many are. But few stallions are interested in a mare that obese."

"I discovered my ability after I was training to do work on reports. I did visit two Clean Up Mares, claiming to be a relative. The first was at a very fancy restaurant and was only a little plump. She did say that the foods she got were delicious but that any stallion that friends had sent her way, they just weren't interested. She was friends with a few of the house keeping staff for the connected hotel, but that was it.

While she was talking, he continued to caress her taur belly, feeling her fat and her round stomach.

She smiles as he shows his attention to her as he listens. "When I met the other one, it's a good thing none of the staff were near, or they would have known something was up. I had expected her to be some what fat, but she was like three times my weight. She moved back so I could come in and shut the door. She was very friendly and admitted that she was probably eating more than she had to. But she did have a mate and he loved her growing more and more. She told me things that she had to learn on her own and hoped that I could keep my ability a secret, but if I was discovered, she'd do what she could to help me adjust." When I left, she gave me a box of various sized clothes she had outgrown." She giggles, "I guess I might need to check some out soon."

Ben is now hugging her body. one ear against her round side so he can listen to her stomach churning and gurgling. "Well I sure won't tell anyone. But don't you have a choice? Taurs do have rights."

She nods, a bit sad for a moment. "There will be places that will offer money to my herd and I have heard of some taurs simply go missing. That's why I want to be working so much, and doing it from home, few will notice if I pack on a few pounds," She smiles and whispers to him, "or a few hundred."

Ben hugs her close, in an effort to assure her he won't tell anyone. "Well you just eat what you want this weekend." He stands and moves in front of her.

She smiles, "I think we both need to get some sleep." She looks at what he has been preparing and urrpps quietly  "Oh excuse me." Then she thinks on what you said before she explained about Clean Up Mares. "That was an appetizer? My goodness you can't be thinking of me eating more than that tomorrow." But you can see her inhaling the cooking aromas, and her plump breasts moving as she inhales deeper. "I should let you finish preparing the barbeque then. I don't think this will spoil my appetite."

Ben is still lost in what she had told him, he tries to imagine the second mare and realizes that many of the pictures that he saw might have been real. "I'll leave it up to you how much you eat."

She blushes and strokes her taur belly, not realizing it's increase in size. "Well I hope my stomach doesn't demand too much. Working at home means no one at work will see me going from being a plump young mare into a big fat one." She struggles to her hooves and you watch her sagging taur belly sway a little, but she doesn't seem to notice. "So I'll see you tomorrow then.

He walks her to the door, brushing up against her flanks softly. "Have a good night. Hope you enjoyed every thing." He waves as she go and leaves the back door open to air out the kitchen. Since her hearing is a few times better then his you can tell he's cleaning up the kitchen but you do catch him talking to himself. "Well damn, didn't get to ask her what those meat taur rumors are.. Or how that one on the internet could swallow a whole pig."

She smiles, feeling him brush against her, she wonders about him, not thinking she might be a touch wider. The foods make her more relaxed and she thinks that she misheard him. She gets out the box of larger clothes and gets a large blouse with enough material that she can forgo a bra. She smiles, "Better giving them room to grow." The fullness of her belly makes her decide to call it an early night. It's warm enough that she leaves her window open, the aromas give her dreams of huge bbq's and then having trouble getting home.

As she drifts to sleep, she wonders what could happen if others know her abilities. It's not her herd being paid off. But the company she's working for. They could give her a pink slip and she'd have no choice. She smiles as she remembers Ben caressing her and wonders if his restaurants could afford her. Finally she drifts to sleep. The aromas wafting in though her open windows.

Most of the night she sleeps deep. Her digestive systems needing a lot of blood to work and carry the nutrients through out her body to be stored as fat. but her ability also has her bones and muscles strengthen.

Early in the morning, she finally has it all digested and dreams. She wakes to the delicious aromas. She gets up and walks outside. The sun is just starting to light the yard and Ben waves for her to come into his kitchen. She smiles and comes in. Not realizing that she's fifty pounds heavier as his eyes seems transfixed by her form. "So enough time for breakfast?" As she comes into the kitchen. she sees the HUGE platter that is on some kind of a lift. It's the same Asian noodles, beef and so much of the sauce, she wonders why it isn't spilling out everywhere."

Ben smiles as he touches the controls. "Can't take time like last night, but I know you'll love it." The platter moves up to her mouth and then begins to tip.

She can't resist and opens her mouth wide, the end of it seems to nudge into her mouth and then a landslide of  deliciousness begins to pour into her. She takes large gulps, some how keeping up as her mind is in shock at how much there is. she hadn't thought of this much all weekend and he's wanting her to take in all of this just for breakfast.

Ben set the control to automatic so he can knead her swelling growing taur belly. "My dear, you get all of this in and then you'll be ready for the real barbeque. I don't know how much you can eat over the weekend but we'll both know by Sunday night."

She can actually feel her taur belly swell wider and lower. By the time over two hundred pounds are in her, she can feel herself fattening. She worries that she'll barely be able to waddle as she keeps eating and if he intends to use this rig to dump more and more into her. Making her a living garbage disposal, too fat to do anything but eat. Finally the last of the mountain of fattening pasta slides into her mouth and she releases a large belch.

Debra shakes her head as she realizes this was all a dream. she feels her human tummy, then breasts and find some more fat, but only what should be there from last night's feast. She changes into the blouse she chose and is glad it fits well with some room to grow. She takes some steps around her home to get accustomed to her new weight then goes out as she can hear Ben doing something. "Morning Ben, everything getting ready?"

Ben had started early, setting out all kinds of meats to prep and get cooking.. The smell of wood and spices is filling the air as his pits are started and the smokerhas been going all night long. As she peaked over into the back yard at any time its easy to see him setting up. Or putting a slabs of meat into the smoke house. It appears like he's cooking for a lot of people.

His distracted by seeing her. Though her blouse is looser, his knowledge of meat animals helps him see every where she has filled out. "Ahh good morning, I have to start early so I already had breakfast. But I have yours all ready."

She smiles, savoring the aromas and knowing that dream was just that. "Anything I can do to help?"

His eyes catch your heavy top bouncing slowly as you get closer, earning quite the smile from him. "Well I still have a lot of prep work left. But if you can drag some wood chip bags out from the shed, I'll put some breakfast up for you." He says  while fliping slabs of bacon on the grill. With the grease trap under it catching and filling up with its potent load.

"Sure thing." She goes over and brings the sacks he direct her too. The smells are wonderful, and just being around these foods is wonderful. "So when did you find you loved doing this kind of work?" She's looking all around, but also watching him work.

Ben works smoothly, "Oh you know, grew up helping my mom in the kitchen then helping grandma, learning the old styles." (he tries to remember anything Grandma would have told him about mares..)  He sets a steaming, smoky pile of bacon to the side as he checks the other ones. "Was working on opening my own place when cooking suddenly became a hit on tv. So am I a celebrity or my foods?" He teases, watching your top sway and strain when you bend over. "What about you? I haven't heard of taurs using computers."

She smiles as she gets the sack you want to the pit, able to lift 50 pounds easier than most people, but she's not much stronger. "Only a few in my herd went much beyond farming. But a cousin came back and helped train several of us. I'm going to be helping in cleaning reports up so they can be put online."

He nods as she pours some of the wood chips carefully into the pit so the flames don't jump up. "Tech job? Sounds great, So how big was your herd?" He hmmm's while cooking. Leaving the bacon going to prep other things. Piles of spuds and veggies but what you notice more then anything is all the meat around.

She steps back and watches. "Oh only about 20 to 30, depending on the season. Often some would come back to help with harvesting." She sneaks a piece of bacon, savoring it's taste. "I guess like small villages of people in the 1800's."

He smiles. "Oh, that must make dating interesting" There's a smile when you try the bacon that's thick cut and peppery. "Oh I did promise you breakfast. Have it about all ready."  

Debra is almost afraid how much he's prepared, but her stomach gurggles in anticipation. "Well, can we say arranged marriages. But with ones like me moving to the city." She seems hesitant about that. "I'd think a TV star would have lots of girls around him."

Ben smiles as she enters. He seems intent on preparing quite a lot but talks while he works. "From cooking?" He seems amused, "Well I got some fans but nothing's come of it that way." He sets another slab of bacon to the side drawing your eyes to the piles forming. You miss him smile as he drains the fat pans into a large continer he take's with him.  "Just be a moment, take a seat" he says while heading into the kitchen and out of sight, you can hear a mixer and a few things going  while he's prepping your breakfast.

She nods. "Guess I wasn't thinking that way." she nods and looks around where she should sit, she grabs another slice then finds a place at one of the tables where you didn't put a chair, not realizing how much room you left for her. "So when will others arrive? I feel so, honored just sitting here and you working."

"Later!" He call from the kitchen in betwen trays moving. After a moment he comes out with a ten pound bowl of steamy eggs and ham. And a pitcher of creamy looking shake, that he sets down in front of you. "Normally people start showing up around lunch ish and come by all day." He then shoves the piles of bacon next to you and moves off to prep other things. What she doesn't know is the shake is cream, bacon-fat and other flavorings,

Debra smiles, trying not to just dig in. "Mmmm All of this for breakfast? I won't be hungry for lunch." But she grabs the serving fork you left for her and digs in. The eggs are creamy and slide down. She does try to chomp into the ham and only swallows bites of it, but it's also disappearing between her lips. She glances for a glass, then thinks you have the pitcher for her and takes a few gulps. "Mmm it's all so delicious, She licks her shake mustache off and resumes eating her eggs and ham. She tries not to worry how delicious it all is and you won't just keep foods before her. "Are you hoping to fill me up so you have food for the others?" She continues to eat.

Ben has quite the view from behind you as he's putting the huge roasts over the fire pits as he piles spuds into huge pots to boil by the open fire..  after another look your way, he adds another huge bag.

She moves so she can eat and watch. Looking at all of the foods making her not even think of what all she's eating, She's not half done when she drains the pitcher. "I guess if a woman did fall for you, she'll be filling out a lot." She doesn't think as she also gulps some strips of bacon.

Ben smiles to her, "Oh? Who doesn't love a lady with curves" He teases," I wouldn't mind finding some one who enjoyed eating and my cooking.. I guess I'm a bit into smart lady with a lot up top" He chugs some water and wipes his brow off from setting up racks of meat on the fire pits then notices your drink gone.. He blinks in surprised at that and you watch his eye's track down to your middle before he refills your pitcher.

She grins as she sees him giving her a look over, like most centaurs, she has a tendency to have a bit more breast and her's were bigger than average before last night. "Thanks, guess this food makes me thirsty and that's delicious." She doesn't realize that bacon grease is one of the main ingredients in it. She has been watching you work, not realizing you're only drinking water.

"Happy your enjoying it," He smiles and takes the picher for a refill, nudging another tray of bacon closer. The sounds of his cooking in the kitchen and setting more things up is oddly relaxing. When he turns some music on the backyard speakers its just more so.  After a while he comes out with another pitcher for you, and a big bowl of fruit. It would be down right healthy if ever piece wasn't covered in a thick frosted cream.

She still has some of her ham and eggs to eat, but she starts grabbing some large slices of bacon as she continues to eat, swallowing them down whole. "So what do you do beside cooking?" She takes a gulp from the refilled pitcher and has some fruit.

He smiles, moving close to caress her heavy taur belly, he can see it's swelling, even though she hasn't noticed. "Hey cooking's hard work," He laughs, "So is working on the show, and checking in on the restaurants I own. I do some reading and game's in my free time." He shrugs.. Setting up kegs of beer and drinks. While only having some cold water himself.

She keeps munching away, gulping down the creamed covered fruits for something sweet. she's already put away 25 pounds of her breakfast and doen't seem to be slowing down a bit. You can even see she's starting to put a dent in the bacon platter.  "I guess you do have a lot of work to do. Now I'm away from my herd, I have some time of my own.

"Are you enjoying the quiet?" Ben asks, Pausing in his chopping. "Was in a big family myself, drastically out numbered by the women in it. Was nice to get away and get my own place. Even though I love to visit" He smiles, getting back to trimming a huge roast for the smoker. You notice he doesn't lop off any fat from any of the cuts of meat.

She grins and pauses her munching. "It's all delicious. I guess with others coming it won't be bad if I get filled up now and just nibble while others are eating.. "My family was a sister and two brothers. I'm the only one that left the herd so far. I think one brother has been checking out a young mare in a nearby herd.

Ben glances to the clock, "I guess they'll show up when ever, I still got lots to cook so don't hold back." He smiles, "Really? I wounder what boys in herds think is attractive" He wonders while watching you eat in between setting up more things on the fires and smokers.  The smells getting heavy and wonderful.

Debra swallows a large chunk of bacon. "Lots to cook? With all that's here already?" But she picks up her pace of eating without realizing it and the platter of bacon is diminishing rapidly. "So you learned to cook from them? Or was this something you learned elsewhere.

"Ya, learned to cook from the family, then went to school for it.. You'll be suprised at how much you have to learn for this." He smiles, looking at the spreads he has cooking. And he knows you have no idea what's in the smoker..   "So what do the other guys in your heard look for in a mare?" He asks casually

She continues to eat while she watches you. "Well more often it's how well she can care for the barn, cook and have a sturdy body for carrying foals." I guess I got out before one of them got interested in me." She finishes the eggs and ham but is still eating the bacon and fruits.

He looks curious, "Huh, really? Not how cute they are, or smart?" He hmm's while sliding a spiced chunk of meat your way looking well smoked and smelling delicious. "Or how well they fill out a top?" His not sure how to ask how they like huge heavy middle growing out as he looks at yours.

She grins as he's looking at her full top, Knowing that no one else is here, She playfully heft them. "Oh by the second foal, these would be at least twice as big and heavy." Without thinking, she takes the meat and proceeds to devour it."

"Woah, sounds like something to see." He grins, "How about heavy middles that fill out, or big flanks?" He teases, watching you chow down more of the meats as he eases more to you.

She gets to her hooves, being playful as no one is here "The only time most of them like a large middle is when it's HEAVY with their foal. Though there's few mares that do end up with a good bit of their own weight after a pregnancy or two. I have heard of some that put on weight without that.

He watches your rear rise up, and your middle rock softly with the food in it and how your large breasts billow.  Taking a swallow of water to recover, as he pauses in choping for a moment.  "Do some enjoy that?" He sounds curious about mares putting on weight and uses breeding to stay huge.  "Rumors don't really explain much.."

She giggles, "Enjoy what" But she smiles to you as she settles back down. "Well there was one that I met when I visited an aunt. Never knew why she was so fat, but looked like she had trouble waddling too far at once." Then she resumes eating, only having bacon left. She hold the pitcher up. "Mmm this is delicious, can I have the recepie?"

Ben grins, "Oh, so some like getting bigger? Sure.. I'll give it to you after today."  He thinks after a couple hours of eating you'll be less upset about drinking gallons of bacon fat and heavy cream.  With a touch of vanila of corse..

She grins as she waits for you to refill it, you see there's less bacon on the platter. "So what else is on the menu?" She almost can't believe she said that because she could feel the weight in her belly when she stood up.

He drops off another picher near you and pushes the last of the bacon closer, taking a seat for a moment. "Well I expected a lot of people, So lots of snacks to start, drinks and beers of course. Some side dishs I'll be making a potato salad, and skins. On the fires I got roasts, slabs of beef, briskets in the smoker with a couple of pigs." He grins,

She smiles and licks her lips before attacking the remainng bacon. Though she's consumed as much as last night, she's still eating. "Guess I will find room to taste some of everything." She shifts her position and you can see her taur belly roll a bit. "More pigs? You hoping this party runs all weekend?" She worries how much she might gain if she stays both days.

Ben can't resist and moves off of his chair so he can massage that wonderful taur belly, imagining how much food he can convice and trick her into eating. "Oh Sunday usually has more, there's a business where I know some of the workers and they're all invited." He moves a bit foreward and carresses her bulging equine breast. "mmm I  think you'll love the briskets. that's this portion of a cow." He half freezes, worried that he might have just blown in.

Debra giggles and then works on the last of the bacon. "Well I bet with all of these delicious meats mine will be a lot meatier than theirs. Seems like I've finished breakfast."

He gets to his feet, too fast and partly falls against her. "Sorry about that." Before she can react. he grabs the platter and moves to the serving table, loading it up with an assortment that he almost struggles to carry back to her. "But you need more than just meat my dear." He gets one of the large pots that has been boiling potatoes in and starts working on them beside her.

Debra is alreasy eating. Now that he knows she's a Clean Up Mare and has promised to keep it a secret, she's not as worried. And his affection to her growing taur body makes her feel that maybe she's what he needs to feed, and she'll be glad for all of the goodies.

Ben is slicing the boiled spuds lengthwise, scooping out some and filling in with a creamy mixture until it's pilled high. "Try this." He hands one to her. "One of my special mixtures." He doesn't tell her that's it's the spices that give it flavor, the texture of the cream is helped with fifty percent lard.

Debra opens her mouth so he can actually feed her. She chomps it in half and chews enough to taste before swallowing. "Mm so how many of those do you want in here?" She pats her taur belly, giving it a slight rub. Then takes the second half and simply swallows it.

Ben's eyes are hypnotized as he watches the lump slide down your throat and disappear between her heavy breasts. He tries to answer, but is afraid if he does, you'll be concerned.

She smiles, savoring the taste. "Well let's see how many I can take care of before folks arrive." She works on a large slab of beef while his mind handles this, then he gets to work. slicing, scooping, filling, then shoving into her waiting mouth. The first few she takes in two bites each. Then she opens her mouth a bit wider and simply swallow an entire half potato with cream in a single gulp.

Ben is amazed, he wants to knead her growing belly, but more than that, he wants to stuff her more and more,  until she has to slow to find room, but still consume everything he puts into her mouth.

He feeds her over 15 pounds of the spuds, with at least ten pounds of the rich cream, before guests begin to arrive. Quickly he leaves her and welcomes them. He simply introduces her as his new neighbor.

The guest behave as though there's no problem with her being a taur, though she hears a whispered coment about how Ben now has some one that can really eat all he wants her to. She does slow to where she can chat with them and learns that there seems to be more food here than the last time. She tells them about a buiness group coming later and they agree that must be it. Though she can't help wondering.

Near mid afternoon, the lunch crowd leaves. While Ben is fixing everything up, she takes her serving fork and works on shoveling the scooped out potato into her churning stomach. "So is that group coming later?"

Ben smiles, "I think the most important person is here already" He had brought a couple pitchers of her special shake before he gets back to making the stuffed potatoes, feeding them to her whole.

She gulps down the first few. "I think I can make these myself if you want to help me digest." She blinks her eyes slowly.

Ben pauses, then starts getting everything so it's withing her reach. She had no idea how many potatoes were in that pot as he prepares plenty of the cream sauce. "They're all yours dear." He hugs her front, his throbing shaft against her fattening equine breast as he fondles her fat human belly, much of it now exposed as her blouse raises up. Then he moves around and down so he can knead her growing belly as she resumes gorging.

Debra has paused to enjoy him against her. she can feel how excited he is and, even though he's not the size of a stallion, she can feel his passion and that he will want to be with her long afterward. She slices one spud, then tries to just pile the cream sauce onto it, but has trouble getting it all in cleanly. so she takes an entire on, shoves it into her mouth and swallows whole, then a large scoop of the sauce. As much as her breasts and human tummy bulges in front of her, she develops a two hand method of stuffing herself. Her motions make her fat roll some as Ben firmly massages.

The more she eats, she starts really tasting and realizes that this sauce is a mixture of cream and something, then she realizes it's lard. She wants to stop in shock, but her stomach feels so good she accepts that's what it wants and doesn't slow. Her stomach willingly grows more to be able to take in all she shoves into her mouth. Her digestive system is doing all it can and Ben can feel new fat forming as his strong fingers massage and knead.

She watches the hill of spuds and the large bowl of sauce grow less and less. she adjusts how much sauce she gulps down after each spud so when she swallows down the last one, there's some cream to follow it. With out caring, she grabs the last full pitcher of her shake and pours it in with two large gulps. "Uurrppp mmm those are delicious. I should feel ready to burst." She turns her head and smiles as she sees her bulging taur belly and Ben affectionately massaging her.

Ben has been lost to her gorging. His head against her swelling taur belly so he can listen to her swallowing and her powerful digestive system. He wants to just continuiue, but he needs to stop so her can get more food before her. "And feels like you're ready for more my dear." He stands, but rubs himself against her burgeoning taur body as he does.

She looks at him, trying to look scared, but with a slight grin. "More? I have no idea how much you've fed me already." She giggles, "besides, I'm out of my shake."

Ben smiles and wraps his arms around what he can of her human body. "I can fix that dear. And we should have something for you. Don't want the dinner crowd to see you with nothing to eat." He takes the pitchers and heads into his kitchen.

Debra squeezes what she can now reach of her fattening equine breast and whispers to herself. "Woooo is this all me?" Her hands move up to her flesh swollen human belly and finds her blouse is riding up even more. "Much more and all it will do is cover my breasts." Then she tries to heft the twin orbs of flesh. "Or maybe not." She gets her hands back down as she hears Ben returning. "Thanks. I don't know what this all is, but I love it."

Ben smiles as he puts them down and watches her pour half of one down her gullet. "Now to get you some food to keep you busy through dinner time." He gets some slabs of beef, quicking slicing them into chuncks that she can handle. then gets back to work on everything cooking and roasting. He has loads of carrots, and other veggies cut into chunks on one of the grills. he's cooking them slow and drenching them in a honey, baconfat mixture.

As the evening people show, he introduces them to Debra and is releaved that no one comments on her size. But with a couple of the women weighing well over three hundred...

One of them talks longer with her. "Hey there, I'm Betty. Been working with Ben fo a couple of years. You've found how delicious his foods are." She pats her heavy belly with a bit of pride. "Just went over four hundred and was under two when I started working." While she talks, she eats like she has no problem with putting on another hundred or so. She talks of how friendly and caring he is. Actually buying clothes as she outgrew some but that he's never tried to go beyond a belly massage while she gorged. "That's the one thing about this gathering, he can't get me alone or I'd waddle out of here so stuffed." She smiles as she can guess what he's done with the centauress.

Debra smiles, glad to have a women with weight to talk with. She explains why she came to this place, meeting Ben and unable to resist. "I guess I'm one of those that, when there's foods, I'll find room."

Betty smiles and grins how Debra's blouse is about to loose the fight. "I hope you have some bigger sizes. What are you going to do tomorrow." She's in position that others can't see as she tries to get the blouse to cover more.

Debra let's her try, but know she's right. "I have some larger ones a mare I met gave me. I have several sizes to grow through."

Betty smiles as she eats and makes sure some is also going into Debra so no one realizes how much they're talking. "I'm guessing that she's a Clean Up Mare and you may be too." She smiles as the centauress nods slightly as she eats. She explains why she choose to conceal it and hopes that she can keep with her present job.

Betty nods. "Probably need a split keyboard to keep working there. Um, can I feed you some? I'd love to see you really pack some in."

Debra nods, glad to have another friend to talk with. She watches as Betty takes one of her platters and goes around the tables, gathering up good sized foods. When she returns. she's balancing part of the weight of the heavy platter on her bulging belly. "I remember when Ben did this to me and just wanted to.."

Debra puts a finger to her lips. "So you want to watch me swallow things whole, or just tip it to my mouth.." She smiles, licks her plump lips, then helps her get one end into her mouth. As Betty tips the platter and the foods start to slide, the hungry centauress gulps and gulps. Betty can't resist and starts using one hand to shove more and more into the hungry mouth. She shoves on the last mouthful, easing her hand in slowly.

Debra closes her fat lips with the hand inside. Her plump tongue plays against it and Betty's fingers explore the inside of her mouth.  She jokingly takes a swallow and her eyes go wide as Betty's hand slips into her warm gullet and most of her fore arm is within her mouth.

Betty smiles almost dreamily as her fingers move in the mare's gullet, then she gently pulls her arm out. "I couldn't resist. Some times when I've gorged. I wondered how the food felt. I hope I didn't scare you dear."

Debra grins as your hand is still close and she licks your fingers. "I'm glad you didn't want me to swallow you all down. I mean, what would those here think if you just disappeared?"

Betty smiles as she wiggles her fingers. then pats Debra's heavy human tummy. "I'd just become about four hundred more pounds of you." Then she shivers as she really wonders. "um. so.." she's really trying to find the words.

Debra smiles and whispers. "You are delicious. So you can think and dream of it. I plan to be around here a long time."

Betty smiles, relieved that she got her answer without having to ask. She glances to see no one is looking and then moves her fingers to Debra's lips. "So am I fat enough? I'd love to be fattened up like a MeatMare."

Debra still smiles, but her eyes open wide at that word. She whispers, "No one but taurs and a few special others know of them."

Betty gets back to eating and Debra joins in as she whispers a reply. "A close friend of mine knew a couple of centaurs. While we were visiting them, I was around three hundred, One of them joked I could be a MeatMare. Then he actually blushed and told me that is a secret. Well I agreed but he had to tell me all about them. As he talked of them willingly fatten, I thought of Ben, him fattening me to end up in a smoke house, but I knew that wasn't his plan. We stayed there a week and though I asked if I could meet and talk with one, he assured me there were none nearby. He did tell me anytime I wanted to talk about them, to give him a call." She's eating well as she talks.

Debra is listening and eating. She hopes that as long as foods are disappearing into her mouth, Ben will stay with the others for a bit longer. "I did meet one once, She was just starting and could still waddle some." She looks at the woman beside her. A few moments ago she had been joking, But now she remembers what she had been told and knows that if Betty really wants to, she won't be able to resist. "I just don't want to let you rush into this, umm." She tries to think of something that will take some time. "So how fast have you been gaining?"

Betty smiles as she's been stuffing food into her maw.  About two hundred in the last two years. But I know I can put on another hundred faster." She moves her plump hand to the centauress's lips. "Another hundred pounds of deliciousness and all for your hungry tummy."

Debra tries to think, but then her stomach chooses that time to start gurggling as it gives it's approval. She can't resist and let's Betty push her fingers between her lips. Her tongue tasting and savoring as more and more is pushed in, she feels the fingets reach the back of her throat and swallows. She stares, then smiles as well as she can. All of Betty's fore arm is in her mouth and gullet, her bulging fat upper arm against her lips but Betty seems to know this is all for now.  

Betty smiles as she tries to massage her gullet, then slowly withdrawing her arm, not wanting it to end but knowing that they can't let others know. She whispers, "Maybe I should come over during the day to make sure you're well fed."

Debra grins, "I think you also want the delicious foods Ben will have for me, and I'd love the company." She glances as there's only two others remaining. "I guess you should finish up and go before Ben wonders."

Betty smiles and the two of them work on emptying their platters. Betty proudly pats her fat belly with pride. "Mmm I haven't eatten like that before." She smiles as Bill comes over. "If you don't mind, I'd love to come over tomorrow and eat with her."

Ben can see the remains of what both of them have consumed. He pats Betty's bulging belly. "Come on over and eat all you can hold."

Betty smiles and affectionately hugs him for a moment. "I hope I can impress both of you." As she turns and waddles away, it's obviously to both that she has more there than when she arrived.

Ben watches her leave then hugs the fattening centauress. "She does a good job but I get worried that she wants to be number one with me." He worries that he just said the wrong thing.

Debra hugs him close. "I think she loves your foods and is wild of growing fatter. She said that she might stop by my home Monday, so you might want to leave some extra food for her." Her stomach churns and you can hear it when she leaves her mouth open a bit.

Ben hugs her close, feeling her new softness then lets go. "I have a veggie dish for you." He pats her bulging human belly. "Needs more that just meat in here." She smiles as he moves behind the smoke house, then he rolls out a large caldron mounted on a lift of some sort.

Debra smiles, as stuffed as she is, some how thoughts of Betty and Ben have her licking her lips. "You're going to need to encourage me to get all of that in my tummy." She can smell the roasted veggies in the thick cheese sauce.

Ben hands her the controls and a serving ladle. "Sounds wonderful to me." He hugs her close and she can feel his shaft throbbing. Then he moves down so he can carress and knead her growing taur belly, one arm moving under what he can reach of her sagging gut.

Debra takes a large laddle full and pours it into her mouth. All of the veggies are in easy to swallow chunks and the warm cheese sause seems to beg her to swallow. She gulps it down, getting another scoop, and another. Ben's affectionate carress seems to strengthed her stomach's demand as she pours in more and more. Barely tasting, just needing everything in the caldron into her gurgling stomach. It seems that the level isn't going down as fast as she thinks it should, but that means that Ben will stay against her all that much longer.

Ben is smiling as he kneads her just right to keep her consuming the rich mixture. With one ear to her bulging belly, he counts the number of swallows. Not only is there more in the vast pot than it looks, but a good portion of the cheese sause is pure lard. The warm temperature keeping it semi liquid and the lift has a heater to keep it all at the perfect temperature.

She gulps down more and more, her fat arm starting to tire so she raises the vat all the way up. It's still half full but she doesn't care. She wants all of this delicius food in her now. She opens her maw wide as she tips it. Soon the heavy mixture starts to flow like a slow motion landslide. she relaxes her gullet and it starts to pour all the way down to her gut.

Ben isn't sure what's happening, then he feels her taur belly start pushing against him more and more. He glances up toward her head and stares in shock as she's simply pouring it all in. This vat was huge, well over two hundred pounds and she's pouring the last hundred in one long swallow.

Debra is lost in her confusing desire to get all of this in. She watches the flood pouring out of the vat and down her waiting gullet. She closes her eyes, for a moment imagining all of this is Betty, but she knows that that feast will be so much more and more delicious. Finally the last of it slides in. The vat has a special inner surface to prevent burning and sticking. When she looks in, it's completely empty and her straining fore legs assure her where the delicous food now is. With more and more of her taur belly on the ground, she has no idea how much she's consumed since she woke this morning. "UUrrpp mmmm now that was delicious."

Ben continues to massage and carress for a few moments and then slowly stands, staying against her bulging belly all of the time. "So," He pats her growing fat human belly, "Have room for desert?"

Debra can't believe that he's offering more, but then her incredible stomach gurggles. "I guess if it's not as much as this." She smiles and licks her lips.

Ben leans into her growing fatness, he already has it ready just in case. "It's sweet and delicious my dear, just keep your eyes closed so you can really enjoy the flavors." He rushes into the kitchen and quietly rolls out a ten gallon vat of a fudge mixture that is still semi-fluid, "Enjoy." He tips it slowly, wanting to watch every swallow she takes.

Debra had guessed it must be something that can pour as she has already relaxed her gullet. As it starts to pour in and she tastes it. she moves her hands to grab the heavy pot. Before Ben can react, she's simply pouring it all in, In less than a minute, all ten gallons are sloshing in her incredible stomach. She slowly licks her lips and opens her eyes. "mmm I sure  hope you agree that I'm well stuffed now.

Ben is awe struck at what she did and can't move for a moment, he starts to hug her and there's a sudden ripping sound. They both feel her blouse finally surrender. Once it starts ripping, it doesn't stop until her heavier than ever breasts surge and roll free.

She giggles and hugs him. "I guess you better free my arms now." As she hugs, he can feel her upper arms are also tightly imprisoned.

He gets one of his knives, always having cleaned them after every use, and quickly frees them. Even he smiles at how fat they are. With more food to digest. He hugs one. "Mmm looks like a big fat ham."

She smiles, relaxing, preparing to see if she can stand. Hoping that being a Clean Up Mare, her bones and muscles have also grown. She starts to roll front to back and then is suddenly standing, though her rolling taur belly threatens to pull her over. "Well I suspect by tomorrow they'll be record sized. UUrrrp." With all I've eaten, I think I need some sleep, and so do you dear."

Ben wants to argue, but the image of her standing, her taur belly rolling and he swears he can hear it sloshing. He gives her a warm hug and then steps back. "I'll have something different for breakfast."

Debra giggles as she slowly waddles toward her home. "Well I did love what I had this morning dear."

Ben is hypnotized as he watches her waddle. New fat jiggling as that massively heavily bloated belly rolls with every step.

Debra can't believe how slow and heavy she feels. She still is thinking she was only snacking through the day, when she was actually eating in one hour more than she usually would in an entire day. All of the foods heavy and calorie dense. She barely makes it to the couch when she decides to just sleep right there. She tries to lower her huge taur body slowly, but her new flesh billows as she does. Almost falling asleep, she pulls the cushions so that she can lean against them and is quickly falling asleep.

For most of the night, she just sleeps deeply as her digestive system works on converting all of the foods in her stomach into stronger bones, muscles and hundreds of pounds of fresh fat. As the sky lightens and the aromas fill the air, she dreams of being back in Ben's back yard with a table groaning with the load of food on it. She starts eating, gorging on everything and still hungry. Every time she looks to Ben, he's smiling more. She doesn't know how she can eat so much and the food on the table isn't going down that fast. But she can feel more and more of her taur belly resting on the grass.

With the aroma's making her stomach start demanding, she finally partly wakes. She's still waking as she struggles some to get to her hooves and waddles into her bedroom, not realizing that she has a little trouble getting through the wide doorway. She has to skip several sizes before she finds one that she hopes will have enough room by the end of the day. Her stomach gurggles for her to get moving, keeps her from worrying how much she gained yesterday. By the time she gets it on and shoves her way out of her bedroom, she's almost drooling with hunger. She doesn't realize how much cleavage it exposes as she goes outside, her round fat taur belly rolling with every step.

She smiles as she sees Ben already working. "Hi Ben, so do I get breakfast today?"

Even with her blouse being loose, there's lots to see as she waddles over. Her equine breast is so round and heavy, It appears to roll from side to side. bulging so wide that each strong fore-leg pushes it to one side, then the other. Her human belly looks about the size of Betty's, riding on the rolling mass of her equine breast. Though her heavy breasts are covered by cloth, they roll and surge. Looking much more spherical than normal obese breasts because they've filled out this much in less than a day and haven't started to sag from their weight. You can see her WIDE equine body, rolling and billowing with every step as she comes into your yard with a smile and true hunger in her eyes.
so much to do....
I guess my problem here is 'Southern Barbecue. some have problem where it was going so I'll put it up as is. all comment, even negative, but COMMENT where the issue is. then decide what to do with it and long term.
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  • Reading: reports, tech journal
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so much to do....
I guess my problem here is 'Southern Barbecue. some have problem where it was going so I'll put it up as is. all comment, even negative, but COMMENT where the issue is. then decide what to do with it and long term.
  • Reading: reports, tech journal
  • Watching: weather channel
  • Eating: what ever is in the fridge
  • Drinking: earl grey tea


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